Everything's Cool

Everything's Cool

In this documentary, filmmakers Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfand (Blue Vinyl) follow a troupe of self-proclaimed global warming "warriors" on a mission to get the world to care about rising temperatures and melting polar ice caps. Taking a topic that's inherently serious and applying their signature blend of humor and emotional heft, Gold and Helfand advance the environmental dialogue in a surprisingly entertaining way.

For the past two decades researchers, activists, scientists, and progressive politicians have struggled to rouse the public and the federal government to take action on global warming. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandeep N (us) wrote: They talk and talk and talk a lot like its a Richard Linklater movie in a Bedroom. Clumsy writing with constant drops in conversation fighting over their perspectives, even though the title is apt for the movie it is so wrong if you think about it! Rom com (not a complete shit) it was!

ShawnThomas F (es) wrote: I remember this film being good, but need a second viewing to pin a rating to it.

Shajie K (gb) wrote: happy ending. happy me

Alex D (fr) wrote: I loved this movie. Really sweet and funny. Great jazz soundtrack and close enough to the 90's to feel nostalgic.

jay n (es) wrote: Poor Jean Harlow! To have her memory degraded in this way is sad. Based on a muckraking sensationalized bio of the late actress that has since been discredited this shallow exercise in fiction takes someone whose life was interesting and unfortunately scandal ridden and makes things up out of whole cloth while ignoring or falsifying the actual events. Marilyn Monroe, a great admirer of Harlow, had wanted to to do a film on her but when offered a similar script to this stated "I hope they don't do that to me when I'm dead" which should clarify the value of this picture. As to the performances everybody except Angela Lansbury as Mama Jean is either bland or terrible. Carroll Baker, who can be a fine actress, is all wrong in the lead. She's certainly a beautiful woman but has neither the allure nor the charisma of the original Jean. Skip this shiny junk and seek out some of Harlow's actual films. Red Dust, Bombshell, Libeled Lady or Dinner at Eight are all fine examples of her peerless work.

Rocky S (it) wrote: The movie in itself had a pretty good story behind it and I guess it may be more of a personal bias against Christopher Lambert that distracted me from fully enjoying the film. The plot is pretty smart and highly engaging, but I'll just never get over the way Lambert talks.

Kevin M W (au) wrote: Perhaps the best Spielberg film ever, this war drama has a large cast but focuses on mainly one character, a boy out of his familiars. Malkevich plays an American, capitalism uncaged, for whom the war is primarily an opportunity for gain. Richardson is a British socialite, forced against her will to look at real life and none too happy about it. And Bale, the star, is a Brit of privilege too, but barely manages to make do. This piece had two things against it as I went in, Spielberg and Bale, but both rise above their comfort zones to deliver an exceptional story.

FilmGrinder S (au) wrote: 88% And this is where RT bans me for life. "The right world view, the worng world."-Zack Stone (Richard Joseph Paul) Before there was COWBOYS AND ALIENS, there was OBLIVION, a fun, tongue in cheek tale of cowboys and aliens. The movie knows what it is and embraces it with loving arms. My secound favorite (can't beat PUPPET MASTER) movie to come from the Full Moon company. Great B-movie cast of charactor actors. "Jim...Beam me up."-Doc Valentine (George Takei)