Evil Aliens: Unhuman

Evil Aliens: Unhuman


When a huge meteor called Leonic falls to earth in Surin province, San and his old high-school friends are setting up camp nearby and manage to snap a strange shot of the event. The picture contains a clue that leads the group to mysterious deaths of two villagers, one of whom used to work for a secretive scientist, who's conducting experimental work with human organs -- possibly in cahoots with a Cambodian witch. Detective Bhichit and Narisara, a genetics expert, join the group to investigate the strange sequence of events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel S (ru) wrote: A disturbing and effective film that is without a doubt one of the better horror movies of the 80s. Barbara Hershey puts on a strong performance as a tortured soul who has ghost issues..The kind of ghost issues that involve rape. It's a crazy movie and a good horror film relying on tension and drama and not excessive gore.

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Tim H (ca) wrote: A conventionally-told, heartfelt, effective story about the search for "the last good man" on the streets of New Delhi, India. Split between subtitled Hindi and spoken English, this may not be well-suited to "non-readers"... but if you're someone who has TMN, 100 minutes to spare and a reasonably open mind, then "Amal" is an uplifting treat. Also, I should mention I found the ending crushing -- fitting, but crushing. (Warning: contains a few F-bombs sprinkled throughout.)

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Anthony I (es) wrote: One of the greatest films in the history of cinema, and the absolute greatest in it's own genre. It tells a story, so unexpectedly sad, and genuine.

Simon T (kr) wrote: Very badly dated, clunkily directed road comedy. Almost entirely joke-free and inexplicably the first in a four-movie franchise. Go figure.

Zabulon (ag) wrote: A good exploitation film. Best I seen of Pam Grier. Sid Haig was excellent as well. The white chick was kind of stiff though. Kind of an anticlimatic ending though.