Evil Bong II: King Bong

Evil Bong II: King Bong

Renowned herb connoisseur Tommy Chong returns in this sky-high horror comedy about a murderous smoking apparatus. The goofy and indelibly outré Evil Bong 2: King Bong is directed by low-budget genre legend Charles Band, the man behind such classics as Demonic Toys, Dollman, and Puppet Masters. Jonathan Frey, Rovi

Stoners Larnell, Brett, and Bachman all suffer from severe delayed side effects from smoking grass from evil bong Ebee. The trio embark on a journey to the jungle in South America along ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian Z (fr) wrote: Having spent summers at beach communities in the 80s, made this light film more appealing than it might have otherwise, especially when the period has been captured so well. Marcello Conte plays a painfully shy ninth grader on his summer vacation, who starts to gradually come out of his shell as he makes friends and challenges a local bully to a ping pong match, with the help of a somewhat reclusive neighbour (Sarandon). If the thin plot seems like something plucked right out of an 80's movie involving a kid, karate, and an Okinawan building maintenance man, well, it's probably aiming to be a well meaning homage, even if it never soars as high as it's inspiration.

Dan B (ru) wrote: pretty bad, VERY cheesy. The only good part was like last 20 minutes with all the gore. wasn't too much of a waste of time since it was only and hour and 15 minutes. HORRIBLE acting but what you gonna get for a low budget horror?

Jhonatas C (nl) wrote: I'm Brazilian, and this movie is perfect! Show the reality in the Brazilian Favelas... This movie is a perfect movie!

Dejan T (jp) wrote: Well done and with good acting. Although unpretentious, the movie indirectly addresses an important social/political issue (especially for Australia). Sure, the thriller component will annoy some, however it was not totally implausible.

Wayne I (ag) wrote: I think this film is an awesome take on the vampire genre!


Attila S (it) wrote: s olivia nytondzson nekel!

Sherry L (de) wrote: Hal the drifter (played by William Holden), has stopped by at a small village in Kansas to visit his childhood friend or fraternity buddy Alan. By making some easier work in the garden, he can stay at Mrs. Potts place and get some food there. He soon got to know there is a 19 year old beauty called Madge (Kim Novak) living next door to him. She is in fact so beautiful that it's hard to remember that Madge is Alan's girl. A picnic is set in the village, with lots of activities as small contests, games, dance and much more. Hal takes Madge's younger sister Millie as date. Millie is not as pretty as Madge which she has a great complex for, but she is very smart, a bookworm, and has recently earned a scholarship. Another attendant at the picnic is the local teacher Rosemary (played exellently by Rosalind Russell). Rosemary is a chic middle-aged woman who is tired of being alone and her biggest wish is to get married, no matter to whom. Her date is the local store owner, Howard who convinces her to drink a little bit (and she progessivly drinks more and more) to have some fun at the picnic. Hal and Millie is having a great time, just like everyone else and when the evening is slowly coming it's time to dance. But Millie isn't used to dance so Hal have to learn her. He loses his patience after a little while, starts dancing with her sister Madge (whom he has had his eyes on during the whole day). Millie gets devastated and starts drinking heavily (though she's a minor) and when her mother suddenly upset, starts yelling and asks who has given her the liqour, Rosemary (who has recently been rejected by Hal) says it's Hal. Hal gets disliked by many during the evening, mostly cause he has stolen Madge from Alan, and when the morning comes he is chased by the police as well for stealing Alan's car (Alan's own accusation). So Hal is hiding at Howard's place during the night, to get on the road again the next morning. But will Madge go through her mother's wishes for the first time in her life and do what she likes, Madge and nobody else? Will she follow Hal, or was he just a flirt? The movie is filmed in the best quality, and is very skilled. The plain reason why I have a problem with this movie is because I just can't feel any sympathy for the main characters Madge and Hal. I mean, why should I? Madge is only pretty and gets attention from everyone and has a nice boyfriend, and that's about it. Then she falls for some 25 plus, years older drifter after a dance (how could she steal that dance from her poor sister who never got anyone to dance with!). I think it's a little bit odd that nobody reacts when a 19 year old dates a 45 year old. And I don't see why we, the watchers, should feel any sympathy for the drifter just because he's a drifter. That fun and fancyfree, free like a bird, ideal seem to be alive during the time the movie was filmed. Though I really liked the teacher Rosemary's character. She was the most human in this rather bad movie. Her desperate proposal to Howard when he was leaving her at the stairs was about one of the most heartbreaking and well acted scenes I've ever seen.

matheus c (kr) wrote: Visually stunning and with a clever sound editing, Antarctica: a Year on Ice doesn't stray away from the other Antarctica documentaries but it surely stands out.

Johnny K (de) wrote: A muddled mystery thriller with some fine moments, but definitely not masterpiece.