Evil Brain from Outer Space

Evil Brain from Outer Space

An evil brain from outer space unleashes monsters with deadly diseases on Earth with trying to conquer the universe. Superhero Starman must battle them all to save his planet.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   sequel,   monster,  

A monstrous evil brain from outer space leads his minions on a crusade to conquer the universe, and unleashes hideous monsters on Earth that spread deadly diseases. Superhero Starman must ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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connor b (us) wrote: turrible, wtf is wrong with Hulk and Deadshot. Dr. Banner actually doing doctor like things trying to save someone's life

Ryan B (nl) wrote: I love the dead space franchise and i really enjoyed the first straight to dvd film deadspace: downfall, but this movie was about as middle of the road as it gets. there are little 10 minute shitty cgi epilogues in between decent animated segments. the only real problem is the shoehorned story and chunky dialogue. wouldnt be a bad film if it weren't for all that. oh well there's always the inevitable one for dead space 3.

Paul M (kr) wrote: A good look back at the war in Iraq. The sad part of the film is it true and we let it happen.

Veniea T (au) wrote: Don't care for Elvis and any others that have to do with him

Bob O (ag) wrote: One of the greatest and most famous of the social imperative films of the pre-Hayes Code 1930's, I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang depicts a man's decade long battle to attain the unattainable, peace. A truly fantastic Paul Muni plays James Allen, a returning WWI vet who gets wrongfully arrested and sentenced to ten years hard labor at an abhorrent southern work camp. There he -- and 1930's audiences -- witnessed the atrocities of the chain gang institution in the American south. And that was the point -- to expose its cruelty and incite reform. For all its cynicism, this Mervyn Leroy classic is still an absorbing and exciting portrait of one man's hell: from combat to prison to fugitive life, and then finally to the shadowy, soul-sucked, madness that comes with a life fraught with such hardship. Muni's tour-de-force induces not only sympathy, but anger toward the heartless miscarriages of justice that condemn Allen throughout the film. I was by turns enthralled, enlightened, heartbroken, and frustrated by his journey from start to finish. Leroy's 1932 film is a fiery indictment of the chain gang hypocrisy that often lacks subtlety, but never power.

Eric B (kr) wrote: If you're smitten with Anna Karina and/or Serge Gainsbourg, "Anna" is a must-see. Otherwise, skip it. The plot is simple and stupid: A fashion photographer (Jean-Claude Brialy) accidentally snaps a picture of Karina's mousy character, and becomes obsessed with finding this exquisite vixen whom he can't identify. Turns out she's his own employee, and he's too dumb to realize this because she's not wearing her usual Clark Kent glasses in the shot. Most of the film consists of the two leads just walking the streets, daydreaming about love and singing Gainsbourg's quirky pop tunes. Gainsbourg (with his usual devilish, cynical persona) also shows up onscreen to sing a bit, as does a young, gorgeous Marianne Faithfull. The best song: "Sous le Soleil Exactement."

Kelley C (kr) wrote: I thought it was pretty good. It had a little bit of every thing. I shed a few tears, couple of laughs. A story we humans can relate to.

Alex K (it) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.