Evil Come Evil Go

Evil Come Evil Go

A religious fanatic murders people who are engaging in sex.

A religious fanatic murders people who are engaging in sex. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff P (de) wrote: I love how honest and down to earth GSP remains. This film is a very refreshing look at a megastar with no ego, just the passion to be the best. Very well done.

Garry T (us) wrote: A good story which sometimes struck right at the heart. Nadine Labaki continues to make films that press at hard issues. However, some of her filmmaking needs quite a bit of nit-picking. Then again, that comes with the growing process of any profession. The film is probably more understood from the perspective of Middle-Easterners who tirelessly endure the every-day turmoil of religious wars. In 'Where Do We Go Now', a town of Christians and Muslims must learn to live together. While the men constantly step on one anothers' toes, it is the women who get along gracefully and try to find ways to keep the men from killing each other.

Marlon U (gb) wrote: Go Indie Films! Why is it though that art/indie films always includes gay protagonists? Can't we Filipinos go beyond this already?

MF J (ca) wrote: An indy flick filled with rage, passion and raw energy. Nothing too crazy but an ok film about two brothers attached from birth, going into a rock n' roll career and somehow sinking into madness, excess & lust.

Tanner M (nl) wrote: This movie definitely is big in Slasher movie history! First movie were two of the icons meet. I definitely liked this movie except for one thing. It was more of a nightmare on elm street movie then a Friday the 13th. In the end this was a great film even though the director hasn't seen any of their previous films.

Phillip D (ru) wrote: Certainly one of the great pinnacles of animation and certainly clay animation, not to mention one of the best family films of the 21st century. Truly a fantastic watch.

Charlie M (es) wrote: Two successful people meet under bizarre circumstances in this romantic drama that never delivers.

Daren H (nl) wrote: THE GORE IS NEXT LEVEL. Learn how to skin a man without him noticing!

Bradley K (fr) wrote: Highly stylized and huge WTF factor. I loved it but not for some.

Nicholas A (gb) wrote: #wolvesagainstgentrification get Brussell Rand on the phone!!

Ryan D (mx) wrote: Greatest stand up comic.

Gabriel K (gb) wrote: Visually this movie is absolutely stunning, I never thought of sand having so many textures, let alone getting them captured on film, in lush B&W. The story is highly allegorical and is open to interpretation, but in its core, it's an existential drama and a Japanese social commentary that perhaps is a bit elusive to Westerners.

Stuart B (au) wrote: what an impressively suspenseful and ultimately harrowing story it was, especially so considering it is almost 80 years old. Indeed, despite it's age, it still remained shockingly relevant in regards to the way a man with dreams and aspirations can be beaten down due to a recession. The films attack on social inequality and how a man is treated based on his social standing still goes on today, although I am sure in a time of chain gangs it was all the more provocative. The story revolves around a man (played with wonderful compassion by Paul Muni) who, after returning from war with dreams of breaking free from the monotony of his day job and working as a civil engineer and being a valued member of society, finds himself unemployed and broke as no work is available. When offered a free meal he grabs it with both hands, only to find himself wound up in a robbery and murder, which lands him in a chain gang. And while these scenes seem a little contrived with the intention of exposing the brutalities and corruption of chain gangs and their authorities, that is easily atoned for with a gripping and adrenaline fueled escape which is impressive even in today's world of movies bloated with action. Of course he must then live his life constantly on the run, and the trauma he has to endure due to the manipulations of authorities and lack of justice is heartbreaking to watch, climaxing in a chilling scene beautifully shot with shadows and light used to maximum effect. As a social commentary the film is pretty decent, but what made it so much better is how it was elevated with a brilliantly empathetic performance and some strong scenes filled with suspense.

Paul E (it) wrote: Chris Evans is not just a handsome man with a body but also a good actor which comes through in this thriller. He steals the show. It's a fairly fast paced movie with twists and turns. Not all scenes are plausible but it is very entertaining nonetheless.

Carey W (au) wrote: A 20-something fantasy taken to absurd extremes. This film is based on great dialog, ridiculous one-liners, and pop-culture references. If you're looking for Citizen Kane, go watch it. If you're after some fun antics and meme-worthy scripting, Mallrats is a great way to spend an hour an a half.

Michael D (nl) wrote: I liked it. The star was the M18 "Hellcat", the tank destroyer used by the Gi's. Nice to see a piece of history in action. No big name stars, but good performances. tension didn't build as it should have; story was kind of corny, but I felt good after seeing it. That's how I rate a movie.