Evil Grave: Curse of the Maya

Evil Grave: Curse of the Maya

Renee Summers has just been released from a mental institution when her fiancee and psychiatrist, Jeffrey Morgan buys her a secluded cabin to rest before she faces her friends and family. Renee soon befriends her only neighbour Michael Richards who is not all that he seems to be. She also uncovers a deadly secret! The former tenants of the cabin, a mayan family, were butchered to death and dumped

A couple purchases a house in the country only to find out a family was murdered. They uncover a curse which brings the dead back to life. It's "Dawn of the Dead" meets "28 Days Later". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Evil Grave: Curse of the Maya torrent reviews

Joo B (gb) wrote: Always good to see Karen Black, move is funny.

Kenneth Y (br) wrote: It recalls me "the kid with a bike" =]


Ross L (ru) wrote: zzz... I fell asleep just writing a review about this movie. Cool visuals but that can take you only so far. 2008 Movies: 10

Jennifer T (de) wrote: This movie left me with so many questions. How can two people meet and have a conversation on a beach, and neither one of them mention the fact that there is a dead, half-consumed shark lying at their feet? After swallowing a boat, a jetski, and numerous people, would a shark suffer from indigestion? Does a jetski taste like chicken? Why can't the men on a very small boat hear the woman screaming a few feet away? Could the screaming not be heard because of the growling shark? How could Megalodon "snack on" T-Rex when: 1. One lived on land, one in the ocean, and: 2. They are separated by about 40 million years? How could a 12-20 foot shark get into the pool with the waterslide? Why would it? Didn't it read the sign that said it was closed? This movie just bites. Really.

Spencer C (es) wrote: Maybe the best Arabic movie I saw at Middlebury Arabic immersion school last summer. Highly recommended.

Sharad Y (ru) wrote: Action movie but somewhat slow-paced. The concept however, keeps the movie interesting.

Melissa L (ru) wrote: Loved it as a kid when it came out and my kids watched and were very entertained. Yes its cheesy but it's lovable 80's cheesy with a nice helping of stars already famous and pre-famous.

Yenny C (ca) wrote: Me encanta Patrick Dempsey y Jennifer Connelly, esta es una pelicula hermosa, se las recomiendo

Andrew K (nl) wrote: You just can't do much better than Jimmy Stewart. Great film about the reporter chasing the story and vindicating an innocent man. Kasia Orzazewski was absolutely heart-breaking as Tillie Wiecek. Gets me every time.

Charlie F (fr) wrote: "Yes, my movie career started when I was the stunt double in My Dinner With Andre."