Evil Laugh

Evil Laugh

A group of Med students fix up an old house over a weekend. Where a mass murder occurred 10 years earlier. Mayhem ensues.

A group of Med students fix up an old house over a weekend. Where a mass murder occurred 10 years earlier. Mayhem ensues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler B (es) wrote: Best Nazi based movie that takes place in the center of the earth.

Emod L (jp) wrote: 46%Before I Go To Sleep has atmosphere and some committed performances from the cast, but the film lacks any real personality or resonance.

Glenn C (jp) wrote: Has anyone seen Yellow Brick Road? I would love to get some opinions and theories about this one. I don't know how to feel having just watched it and I guess that's a good thing. I am confused and don't know what to make of it, however I do know that I enjoyed it. In 1940 an entire small town followed a trail into the mountains and never returned. They left all of their possessions behind, including their clothes. A military search party was deployed and many bodies were found butchered, the rest were simply missing. And so the film takes place in modern times with a group of researchers retracing the footsteps. They are well equipped and each of them serves a purpose (a psychologist, geographer, survivalist etc). And so they walk and walk and walk, documenting various behaviours in each other and trying to understand surreal things happening around them. Their GPS goes haywire and a strange muffled music haunts them. That's all I will reveal because the rest ventures into some really fucked up David Lynch territory. I loved what I was seeing but I didn't always understand it. I think I know and then I don't. It's the type of film that is bound to generate debate and theory. A discussion would be most welcome and I think I'm going to have to sit through this one again.

Ben T (ca) wrote: Finally, a romantic comedy from mainland China that speaks so much about today's modern China and the new generation of well educated professionals. The script is quite witty and character driven. I haven't had such a good time since Zhang Yimou's Beijin satire -- KEEP COOL!

Joanna M (gb) wrote: 10 points for helping me to realize the "other" deeper beauty of Hector Lavoe music.

Serena F (jp) wrote: un film che ho visto di notte con la babiola. fa ridere un pochino ma nel complesso trash.

BinhAn G (jp) wrote: Was a bland movie up towards the end. Young-jae was a fun and goofy character but I didn't see him and Mina as a good pair--relationship didn't click for me. Relationship between Mina and her mom, though, was a very good touch. All in all, was an okay movie but nothing really stands out about it. The last 20 minutes or so was very moving but didn't save the rest of the movie from being a slow drag.

Ashley S (jp) wrote: Zack successfully pimps himself out to pay for his wedding to Kelly. What a guy.

Steve H (fr) wrote: Jackson's best work. He needs to do more.

Michael L (it) wrote: The last review in my trilogy of messed up potential masterpieces, CRUISING never appeared to me as the anti-gay slap so many wanted it to be. In fact, the gayness of the film has little to do with its meaning in my book. Like TERMINAL STATION and CIAO! MANHATTAN, CRUISING is all about modern day neuroses. More vicious and violent than the other works, CRUISING is a powder keg of a movie about a powder keg of a city at a very mean time. What I like most about CRUISING is that its fairly explicit S&M scenes are not at all sexy or titillating. No one is having any fun. Everyone is bored... but what the hell... let's add violence to sex. A very human reaction to a world that does not allow for release or pleasure. Director Friedkin has too much on his mind but he is up so something very interesting. CRUISING is a mess but a mess that has haunted me since I first saw it in Times Square having asked an adult to buy me a ticket. Kind of appropriate.

Ryan W (mx) wrote: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ii,

Matthew S (us) wrote: Charlotte, an esteemed concert pianist, has always placed her career above all else in her life. This includes her children. We quickly learn that Charlotte has for better or worse essentially neglected her children. She is more a passing idea of a "mother" than anything more.After her longtime love and husband passes away, she decides to drop-in on her daughter and her husband for a short visit. Charlotte seems to expect Eva's love as a given. During an all night of talking, Eva and her mother argue, contemplate, reveal and bring themselves and us to a bittersweet and tragic sort of conclusion.Ingmar Bergman and Sven Nykvist capture these two magical actors, Ingrid Bergman and Liv Ulmann in stylish and painfully realistic glory. This was dream casting. And it more than exceeds expectations. At one point Charlotte observes, "Chopin was emotional, but not mawkish. Feeling is very far from sentimentality, The preulde tells of pain, not reverie. It hurts, but he doesn't show it." This film captures a conflicted and deeply damaged familial relationship. It is not easy-going, but it is a masterful cinematic work.

shai l (fr) wrote: "The one in Philly, not the one flying to heaven"... ahahaha...bellisimo...

Jamie I (fr) wrote: I love pandas and I love kung-fu.

Fernando P (mx) wrote: Benicio Del Toro was amazing here but I can't speak for the rest. Another thorn in my side it is the nonbelief of teenage love between Escobar's niece and the Canadian.