Evil Ways of Love

Evil Ways of Love


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:53 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sex,   narration,   houseboat,  

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Evil Ways of Love torrent reviews

Ninh N (fr) wrote: The worst film of 2017.

Akash S (ag) wrote: Writer-Director Darren Paul Fischer's film 'Frequencies' is quite ambitious in nature, not by its budget, but by the number of intriguing themes it explores and the way it makes us contemplate on them. The experimental film combines science fiction and romance to deal with profound philosophical questions.The movie is set in a world where people are born with predetermined frequencies, which signifies one's luck and the rate of success in life. Nature favours high-frequencied people, and when a high born meets a low born, some reaction or disturbance occurs to stop this. So, many people try to understand the workings of nature and try finding ways which can alter the effect of such laws. This kind of concept doesn't need a big budget, special effects and such, to explore. A riveting story with proper elements can easily do the trick, and that's what Fischer does here.Identity, luck, success, destiny, choice and accidental discovery are just the superficial themes of the film. The underlying themes and questions make the film much more fascinating. Like, for instance, one of the main ideas it touches is partial knowledge/information. In the film's story, characters determine solutions to their problems and workings of nature with the help of knowledge (partial or specific) they have regarding the subject, and with each new discovery of information, the understanding, and thus the solution keeps changing. In the same way, in the three segments of the film, we ourselves see how the revelation of new information makes us see the same scene in a different light. In that regard, the film and its philosophy combine to give us an elegant and artistic puzzle.The casting is good, especially the cute younger versions of the characters. Sometimes, the dialogues seem a bit too expository and there are moments which remind us of the film's low budget, but the underlying philosophical questions keep us engaged enough not to be bothered by such trivial shortcomings. The brilliant cinematography and effective editing also play an important part to make the film tight and gripping. Like, even the varying colour tones of the scenes (red being low frequency, and purple being high) have meaning, and look beautiful in the storytelling process.There is no question regarding the movie's intellect and scope, but a little more heart and soul would have made it perfect. A little more character depth would have helped as well. But that being said, its themes have been handled well, and for a runtime of 105 minutes, it maintains the right pace and dares to shower us with a bunch of thought-provoking ideas.

Steve N (kr) wrote: The surfing was cool but that is about it. Sequel not needed to be made.

Aj S (kr) wrote: A pretty low grade looking documentary that appears to be something you'd find on PBS, but, its an incredible and interesting doc. For anyone who wants to be a screenwriter/filmmaker, this film gives it to you straight. From Shane Black to John Carpenter to Frank Darabont to William Goldman, all the screenwriters share their experiences, stories about actors/producers/directors, it's a very eye opening movie and should give you that extra drive to continue to follow your dreams and desires to become that future screenwriter.

John B (au) wrote: Meryl Streep somehow ended up in this real dog of a film about a Chinese student goes apeshit. One to be missed for sure.

James B (us) wrote: Not a bad movie.....Costner's character is kind of creepy, but a decent romantic comedy.

ash j (ag) wrote: my favorite movie of all time.

Sunny S (nl) wrote: Had to see Nicolaou's Subspecies after falling in love with Vampire Journals. Was left thirsty for more and it was satiating. I can't wait to see the rest of the series.

Mac T (kr) wrote: Quite a funny film. The first scene of the film is a riot!

Paul D (it) wrote: A rare comedy from John Huston but also one that continually misfires and never raises a laugh. The director reunites with several other top class actors after creating some very memorable and successful movies together, but the players don't look too convinced about or convincing in their roles, especially Bogey.

Ice R (br) wrote: Falls in BORING category.

EWC o (nl) wrote: Colorfully bizarre, thoroughly original, well acted, and one of the most unnerving finales in movie history. "Freaks" hits all the marks.

AJ G (au) wrote: Funny and cool. Another movie I can't stop watching.

Tony P (us) wrote: Entertaining conclusion of the original Star Wars trilogy later to be retitled as Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi.The heroics, space battles and adventure witnessed in Episode V continue with the introduction of new worlds, furry creatures and well..disgusting ones!The film begins with Han Solo (Harrison Ford) a prisoner of gangster Jabba The Hut on the planet Tatooine being cryogenically frozen in a substance called carbonite for good measure!Not to worry for he is rescued by returning characters Luke Skywalker (who broods in a black outfit through the film), Princess Leia (the late actress Carrie Fisher) and Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams).The remainder of the film sees the remaining rebel alliance fight off the construction of a new and even bigger Death Star by the empire.Aided by cute, furry creatures called Ewoks (to appeal to younger audiences perhaps?).I thoroughly enjoyed rewatching this instalment after many years and feel that perhaps it should have been left there instead of countless releases on home video and prequels, sequels and standalone movies?

Andy P (fr) wrote: The wife was singing to all these songs lol