Evil Woman

Evil Woman

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Evil Woman 2013 full movies, Evil Woman torrents movie

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Evil Woman torrent reviews

Ryan T (it) wrote: Honestly the worst film I have ever seen ( not just saying that ) it is absolutely terrible ! Never going to get back that hour and a half of my life so don't bother attempting to watch ! Everyone involved should be ashamed !

William A (jp) wrote: YES, I am a Salsa fan, besides I like good music. I hope there's a sound trak available.

Collin D (jp) wrote: i love snowboarding!

Johnny R (ag) wrote: All the negative reviews I see about Adam Sandler movies makes me like them more I guess it's my guilty pleasure idk what it is but all his movies just feel like home to me good or bad I grew up with all his movies and like all of them including mr. deeds loved the modern day remake and the cast was good together!

Junaid A (br) wrote: Very nice songs, all my favorites

Victoria (kr) wrote: sucked more than the first one. There is 2 hours I will NEVER get back.

Mike L (ca) wrote: Lots of shots of buildings shaking, glass breaking, and styrofoam chunks hitting the ground with people running around. Fits the formula of 70's disaster movies with lots of stars, little plot, and a story that fits around a single event. For its time this is a movie with all the quality of a SYFY produced movie.

David H (mx) wrote: One of my favourite Blaxpoitation Movies written by the Genius Paul Schrader it have Style, entertains and have also a Bunch of Messages on is that it shows the Way from a Shoeshine Boy to a Gangsterboss, that Strength, Power and Brutality is the most sucesfull Way to get Respect and that a regular scalawag can turn to a Gangster with Guts too when he gets in Charge and that the Karma is getting everybody the higher you rise the deeper you fall

Walter M (au) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]"Cesar and Rosalie" starts out with comic book artist David(Sami Frey) returning to France after a five year absence.(One slight flaw of the movie is that the absence is never explained.) He has found out from a mutual acquaintance that his true love, Rosalie(Romy Schneider), has in the interim, married, had a child, divorced, and is now seriously involved with a very wealthy, older, but none too slick scrap dealer, Cesar(Yves Montand). David has been invited to the wedding of Rosalie's mother, thus complicating matters for everyone within a thirty-mile radius.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Cesar and Rosalie" is a very clever movie about a love triangle that also has much to say about that everylasting battle between money and happiness. The movie is quite philosophical about when it is right to let go of a person, if at all and how none of us are possessions. Through Rosalie, we get a first hand view of a woman's battle for equality.(She is a translator, quite well educated and can handle Cesar's business affairs in his absence.) The audience has sympathy for all the characters which is always a good sign. The finale is especially well-done. The performances of the lead actors are all top-notch.[/font]

Chuck D (ca) wrote: Where to go when you want to see a Dwarf laughing at a camel!

Theo W (kr) wrote: Gone With the Wind is far from the perfect movie, but the impact that it left on the blockbuster film should not go unnoticed. The sheer grandeur of this four-hour Civil War soap opera is like nothing we saw before and have rarely seen thereafter. Its story is just intriguing enough to warrant the long runtime, and Clark Gable brings to life one of the most iconic cinematic roles in Rhett Butler.

jordan f (de) wrote: Better than Man of Steel. this is the best superman movie i have ever seen.