Evils of the Night

Evils of the Night

Sex-hungry teens are kidnapped by auto mechanics, who take them to a rural hospital run by aliens who need their blood as the key to their own longevity.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   rape,   murder,  

Sex-hungry teens are kidnapped by auto mechanics, who take them to a rural hospital run by aliens who need their blood as the key to their own longevity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Batman N (es) wrote: Amazing story and has decent elements of comedy, A inspired performance by all the cast especially Chris Pine. This movie is probably the best Heist movie since Oceans 11.

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Joshua F (br) wrote: An interesting story, but a very unsatisfying, poorly-made movie.

Jennie R (fr) wrote: If there was a Hallmark Horror channel, this would be on there. It is terrible. The special effects are hokie and the acting is just as bad. While I did not predict the ending, it wasn't anything original. Mrs. Winchester should haunt whoever thought that mess of a movie up.

Alehee N (nl) wrote: Just stay away. He may look cool on screen but that's it.

Farah R (jp) wrote: The script is very silly and the performances even worse. The entire plot is bland.

Kristina L (fr) wrote: saw this movie on a flight 2 months ago. havent seen such a great one for years :D dont have to mention the beauty of cheetah!

Meredith T (gb) wrote: Norwegian comedy about what happens when two mentally ill men leave the hospital and try to live in their own apartment. Netflix put it in the "Feel Good" Foreign category.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: Closer to Old-School Woody in spirit--Ullman Matches Allen!!

Cameron H (de) wrote: Airplane doesn't dare give you a break in its meticulous and ridiculous spoof of contemporary disaster movies. It may be sharp, but you know what it has that most other spoofs have not? Jokes. Hundreds, if not thousands, of jokes. The Zucker brothers and its B-star cast demand your attention to detail, lest anything fly over your head. I promise you that was unintentional. And yet, Airplane! also allows you to tune in and out at any time. If you do not find a joke you like, such a joke will find you. We have puns, slapstick, reimagined stereotypes, unexpected forays into the explicit, exaggerations of typically marginal details in the airport / airplane, plain remakes of scenes from contemporary cinema, and (another one that most spoof films miss) a script so well threaded that, if you have been paying attention, you are rewarded with occurrences that slowly reveal themselves as jokes and in-movie references. Airplane! has only love to give; as do I.

Dave S (it) wrote: Who cares about its dopey story? This is a surprising TV disaster movie. It boasts a terrific cast, impressive stunt photography, & excellent visual effects, especially on Shatner's hairpiece. Even his stunt double overacts!

Claus A (it) wrote: Trnger du til et godt grin ..... s tag chancen og se denne, hylende morsom :-)

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Grant H (it) wrote: Good movie. It feels like a Canadian version of Ocean's 11, but it's still funny, entertaining, and brings great performances from its cast, especially Russell, Baruchel, and Jones.