Evim Sensin

Evim Sensin

After returning back to family, Leyla tries to fix everytihng while starting a new life wit Iskender. Everything goes smoothly until troubles find Leyla...

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Chris S (ag) wrote: Not bad, not good. It was pretty sadistic but the ending wasn't great.

Jeffrey J (mx) wrote: Very cute romantic comedy!

CJ C (kr) wrote: More of a detective story than horror, but still formulaic.

Rodney S (us) wrote: Ron Livingston is surprisingly effective in this engaging true-story about ADA movement leader Richard Pimentel. The film rockets through a little too quickly, feeling under-developed and relying heavily on an array of catchy period tunes where a little breathing space would help to connect us to the characters a little more. The voice-over keeps it an an almost TV movie level, and could have been handled a little differently to make it more cinematic. Well worth your time.

Jose M (ru) wrote: It is a shame to say that From Dusk Till Dawn 2- Texas Blood Money is a huge disappointment and not just because it is a follow up of the amazing horror/action hybrid From Dusk Til Dawn, it a major disappointment because the film starts off promising with Robert Patrick taking the lead. Set in Texas, Buck rounds up a group of guys to head to Mexico for a bank job that will make them millionaires if everything goes right. The posse head to a motel in Mexico where they await their boss who is wanted by law enforcement. Their boss meanwhile encounters an accident with a giant vampire bat and ends up in the Titty Twister Bar. From here on is where the film proves starts to have trouble as we do nothing, but wait and watch porno with the criminals. It only gets worst when we get to the bank and wait some more. I was bored by then and could not be picked up by the action or the tension the film builds up right around the end. The vampires become less interesting and the special effects are dull especially when we see the vampires die. Half heart effort is what one critic said about this movie and I agree with it.

Marianina S (gb) wrote: I am disapointing with this one... This movie is really bad... The story is stupid

Nina L (kr) wrote: Fun. Therapy, therapy for the narcisstic people...still very accurate!

Jenny X (jp) wrote: great chase scenes and plot, with wonderful acting too

Michael L (ca) wrote: one of the better silent melodramas i have ever seen. actually, probably a solid second to sunrise (also starring the lovely janet gaynor). borzage is a predescor to people like sirk and shows it in the delicate and sweet film

Jamie C (ag) wrote: I enjoyed it more than the first as it's more darker and the story was much better and more gripping, But it still has too many silly bits that can ruin the mood of the film at times plus there's a few scary scenes again that may frighten young children, But most children will be amazed by what they are seeing on screen.