A popular virtual-reality video game gets ported to real life, and Kyle, one of the best Evolver players in the US, gets the opportunity to try playing against a little robot version of the...

A popular virtual-reality video game gets ported to real life, and Kyle, one of the best Evolver players in the US, gets the opportunity to try playing against a little robot version of the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Evolver torrent reviews

DA L (kr) wrote: This is the worst movie ever, PERIOD!

Mario D (us) wrote: Incredible, this is worst than the first!

Har F (gb) wrote: There's something very odd about 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop,' and it's the fact that I didn't hate it. I saw this in the $1 Blu-Ray bin at my Walmart, so I thought "Why not?" and I picked it up. There's no doubt that Kevin James is giving his all, and the idea of a mall cop action hero is a good one. My main problem with the film is that it doesn't know what it wants to be. IMO, the movie would have been so much better if it had taken itself less seriously and more as a "so-bad-it's-hilarious" comedy. Also, the edited posters you can find online gives this movie at least half-a-star more.

Liie H (us) wrote: This movie, contrary to the critics consensus, is not "delightfully funny"; at best it was casually amusing. In fact, the movie is quite dark at points. The plot lacked substance, but I did enjoy the cute ending. Not a "Must See" but it was okay

Kyle B (jp) wrote: I've always enjoyed Maggie Gyllenhaal and this is one of her best performances up there with Crazy Heart. It delves into drug addiction well and is well written. I enjoyed the supporting performances from Giancarlo Esposito and Danny Trejo

Thierry L (mx) wrote: the book is better ( 6*)

Stuart K (kr) wrote: Produced and directed by Roger Corman, this crime exploitation film was based on the life of Kate Barker, who along with her family was part of a violent crime spree in the American mid-west in the 1930's. Corman's version was shot fast and cheap on location in Arkansas, and it's a spirited and graphically violent caper film, but Corman has a good cast to work with here. Kate 'Ma' Barker (Shelley Winters) had a troubled upbringing where she was beaten by her brothers and father, but what didn't kill her made her stronger, and by the 1930's, she has 4 sons, Arthur (Clint Kimbrough), Herman (Don Stroud), Fred (Robert Walden) and Lloyd (Robert De Niro). After she leaves her husband George (Alex Nicol), Ma decides to make her fortune by robbing banks, with her sons carrying out the crime. After Fred and Herman are jailed for a robbery gone awry, Ma recruits experienced gunman Kevin (Bruce Dern) to help get them out of jail, and continue their crime spree. But the lawmen are closing in, and Ma is living on borrowed time. Corman states Bloody Mama to have been his finest film, and it has some good moments of action. Think of this one as a Grindhouse version of Public Enemies, and you're just about there. It's worth seeing De Niro as Ma's heroin addicted younger son, a role he lost 30 pounds in weight for, but Winters is amazing.

Alex r (ru) wrote: This is a different change of pace for the series, and it displays some new and old ideas to create something, different, yet familiar to fans of the series thus far. This a thrilling film that has a good plot, good cast and wonderful special effects that still look impressive even by today's standards. The film's strength lies in its idea where the main focus is in Space, and it is interested to see what the filmmakers were able to pull off. Although not a perfect entry, this is nonetheless a good little monster flick that is mindless entertainment value. Don't look for a great movie with Astro Monster as it is a fairly ridiculous picture that you need to leave your mind at the door before watching it. Viewers can admire the idea behind the plot, and the thrill of watching two monsters fighting it out yet again. The plot at time lacks, and slows down, but overall the film moves at a steady pace and has enough elements to make for an engaging viewing experience. This is a pretty good film considering its plot, and genre fans will most likely enjoy the film and appreciate its new direction. With each entry, the Godzilla films tried something new, yet familiar at the same time to expand the series eccentric ideas and it works. Godzilla films tend to stretch the limits of ridiculous plot ideas, but that's what makes them fun, entertaining and memorable. Although a lot of them aren't perfect, they still have a secured place in horror history, as effective monster films that push the limits of entertainment value and give audiences something unique to watch.

Donibscottctcisnet D (nl) wrote: How can this movie miss with Vincent and Peter working together? Oldy but definitely a goody. Dark comedy at it's finest! You will love the marital problems that they have. Karloff was great, and Joe Brown was his usual funny screamer self. Rathbone with his wonderful voice made it even better. I even loved the cat!

Christopher S (gb) wrote: W.C. Fields stars in this very entertaining old-fashioned wacky comedy. It is uneven at times, and awkwardly paced (there are a few too many songs), but there are plenty of hilarious and pretty bizarre moments that keep it going, culminating in an outrageous and brilliantly choreographed car chase. Maybe not Fields' best work, but those who appreciate his offbeat, tipsy, misanthropic humor will not be disappointed.

J Scott F (mx) wrote: Just couldn't make it past the first fifteen minutes. Mary Pickford's acting is obviously suited much better for the silent screen as her voice adds nothing but annoyance. Her Oscar is obviously not deserved for this role - but it allowed for the rules to be changed so that no one could charm or buy the affections of judges again. It is interesting how these early talkies make one yearn for the silent screen, when you didn't have to try to understand what people were saying to get the plot - and the acting relied on something more than recitation.

Davide C (ru) wrote: The greatest of all time, and Will Smith plays the part of the great fighter to perfection

Vincent P (it) wrote: Strange, strange, strange.

Anthony T (it) wrote: This movie by far captures the idea of star trek film in the prime universe the best and has a wonderful story

Tyler S (br) wrote: This tech savvy film feature decent performances by the 3 leads, but other than that, the plot didn't make a lot of sense.I mean it was put together without direction in my opinion.A hacker is brought in to do some major hacking, and really there isn't a lot added to it.The futuristic cinematography was pretty cool, and Halle Berry was sexy, but I was waiting for more. It didn't elaborate well enough on the points the movie was trying to make.The only thing that saved it was decent action scenes and a somewhat surprise ending, and creative beginning.The middle kills it.