Ex is a 2009 film directed and co-written by Fausto Brizzi and interpreted by a rich and large cast of characters. The film, produced by Italian International Film, in co-production with the French company and Mes Films in collaboration with RAI Cinema. It was released February 6, 2009 in Italian cinema and has been recognized as "national cultural interest" by the Directorate General for Cinema of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

Ex is a 2009 film directed and co-written by Fausto Brizzi and interpreted by a rich and large cast of characters. The film, produced by Italian International Film, in co-production with the French company and Mes Films in collaboration with RAI Cinema. It was released February 6, 2009 in Italian cinema and has been recognized as "national cultural interest" by the Directorate General for Cinema of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier E (es) wrote: Muy interesante "docu/drama" sobre la obra de Federico Fellini. Un poco corto, pero interesante en su forma de representar su historia y proceso creativo. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Daryl H (jp) wrote: Obviously biased, but I did buy a bunch of organic food after watching this movie. So I would say it was a pretty good documentary that got its message across. However, I would recommend doing more research on food because this movie was very one sided.

Micke B (gb) wrote: vet inte riktigt vad jag tycker om denna film. knns ju verklig, men lite lgsam. men nr tragedin intrffade blev jag helt tagen (pga. egna minnen mest, men..). en sevrd film iaf tycker jag. eftert satt jag tnkte.

Kyle K (us) wrote: this qualifies as a movie?

James H (it) wrote: Another interesting concept in a movie gone awry. The film certainly had potential, but it gets bogged down by too many storyline tangents. The acting is fine, and the feel of the 1970's is surprisingly good. Misguided direction. Too much talk, not enough action.

Luci O (br) wrote: I love all Ricardo Darins movies. This one is mandatory for his fans, a great movie.

Adam F (ag) wrote: Rating:1,5 / 5So bad It's Good Rating: 4 / 5"Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla" might have some pretty cool monsters featured in it, but it just might be the second-worst Godzilla movie, besting "King Kong vs. Godzilla" only because the special effects are better. The plot is laughable and padded out but here goes: The film begins with G-Force, Japan's anti-Godzilla taskforce arriving on Birth Island where Godzilla and a grown-up Baby Godzilla (now called Little Godzilla) have made their home. Two different strategies to tackle Godzilla are being explored there: psychic Miki Saegusa (Megumi Odaka) is in charge of Project T (for telepathy), which aims to render Godzilla docile through telepathic manipulation. Project M, headed by the military component of G-Force aims to simply kill Godzilla with their latest giant robot: Moguera. When the mind-control solution fails, G-Force gets ready to take down Godzilla when a menace from space arrives. The appropriately named Spacegodzilla was created when Godzilla's DNA was sucked into a black hole, emerged through a white hole and mutated with some space crystals. This cruel monster is travelling to Earth to kill Godzilla and take over our planet. Can humanity and Godzilla set aside their differences long enough to tackle this new threat? There is simultaneously nothing and a ton of stuff going on in this film. The beginning is filled with a bunch of plots that get resolved or dumped quickly, the middle is filled with scenes of monsters running amuck while Japanese citizens are seen running away over and over and then the end features a traditional showdown with all of the monsters and a callback to some of the more important ideas set up at the beginning. We have this plot about Lieutenant Koji Shinjo (Jun Hashizume) wanting to kill Godzilla because his buddy died in "Godzilla 1985". This guy is a real moron because instead of using some of the tried-and-true methods that stopped Godzilla in the past (like the cadmium missiles from 1985, or the anti-radiation bacteria from "Godzilla vs. Biollante") he comes up with these bullets that contain coagulant. He says that he just needs to hit Godzilla in a weak spot underneath his armpit and BAM! The monster is dead. Why he doesn't share this plan with anyone else and why he thinks these tiny, two-inch long bullets could possibly penetrate Godzilla's thick hide, I have no idea. This character is one of the most boring, most frustrating characters in the entire franchise. Not only is the actor terrible, but when he is given control of Moguera, he deliberately drops the mission that is assigned to him (which is to attack SpaceGodzilla) in order to get some revenge on the King of the Monsters. He jeopardizes the lives of everyone on the planet because of a grudge. This character stands out as particularly bad, but in truth not a single one of the human characters really come off as interesting. The co-pilots for the Moguera are bland, Miki does very little and provides mostly padding for the film. After her effort to mind-control Godzilla fails, she returns to her tent defeated. Later that night, she is kidnapped by the Japanese Mafia. The crime bosses reveal that they will use her to gain control of the kaiju and take the world for themselves. About five minutes later, their plan is foiled and we never hear from them again. What a waste.When it comes to the monster component of the film, the characters look great and are ripe with potential, but they prove to be yet another disappointment because the film doesn't really do anything with them. The idea of an evil Godzilla counterpart from space has been done before (With Mechagodzilla I) but this time we get what is essentially an evil Godzilla from a parallel dimension. This creature has some some interesting powers which including crystal missiles, gravity manipulation and beams from its mouth. It can also fly and has a distinct personality since it appears to love beating up on creatures that are weaker than it is. Next we have Moguera (or M.O.G.U.E.R.A / Mobile Operation Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aero-Type), which is actually an update of a monster from "The Mysterians". It's a cool callback for hardcore fans of the Toho films and it's actually a breath of fresh air to see a robot that isn't just a supped-up jet plane or the robotic equivalent of an already-popular monster. It can split into the separate vehicles, has a drill for a nose, spiralling missiles in its hands, lasers from its eyes, lasers from its chest, can fly, can burrow underground, it's got a bit of everything! Godzilla looks good as usual, but in this film you can clearly tell that the suit is getting worn-out. There's an infamous scene where the tip of his badly mangled tail almost flies off. The highlight in terms of monsters is actually Little Godzilla, who is truly adorable and even has its share of funny, memorable moments. Too bad this character gets kidnapped at the beginning of the film and doesn't appear or get mentioned again until the very end of the movie. In terms of design and look, these guys all look awesome but are thrown into some lackluster battles. Moguera basically gets itself nearly destroyed in every single encounter and never feels like a genuine threat to either monsters (really doesn't feel like a level up from Mecha King Ghidorah or Mechagodzilla 2). The first battle between Godzilla and Spacegodzilla is over before you can blink and the final fight is filled with developments that come out of nowhere. It's a big Deus Ex-Machina that leaves you really frustrated and even a bit confused.Honestly, I was looking forward to this one because the monsters seem to have a lot of potential but it was a big disappointment. When the best part of a movie called "Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla" are the scenes where Little Godzilla runs around being cute, you know its trouble. You would get a more satisfying showdown by selecting the principal kaiju and playing a free-for-all 3 player game of "Godzilla Save the Earth". The upside is that as a bad movie you can make fun of, it's pretty good. You can make some good penguin jokes at the expense of Moguera, there are so many scenes of padding where people are just running away from the monsters that it becomes laughable and the human characters are also easy to make fun of. If you include this one in your Godzillathon, make sure you put the subtitles on, watch the English dub and just laugh the whole way through. (English Dub on Dvd, May 10, 2014)

Eduardo C (fr) wrote: Some impressive stunts (including an absolutely jaw-dropping one), decent performances and the overall seediness of the atmosphere almost make up for the shlocky, disjointed, repetitive, nonesensical screenplay and the uneven direction.

Jeff C (de) wrote: So bad that it's good! Uneven lip synching, cheesy special effects, and fake fighting makes this a real treat! I was just laffing. I hope you will too!!

Sebastin S (de) wrote: Everything is perfect except the name of Roarke of Mephisto

Maruf H (au) wrote: What started off as a potentially cool treasure hunting movie turned into a romantic mild-adventure flick with a random, cliche drug-dealing element. The second half of the movie has some pretty ridiculous blood content, including the repercussions of a shootout, an incredibly random shark attack, and a highly detailed O2 explosion. Just to top off the random trash after trash sequences of sharks taking out the bad guys, as if they were trained, the message of love triumphs all is thwarted by a last second discovery of gold. I heard for years I shouldn't bother with this movie - why after all this time I chose to ignore that message is still a mystery.