Ex Drummer

Ex Drummer

Three handicapped losers who form a band ask famous writer Dries to be their drummer. He joins the band and starts manipulating them.

Three handicapped losers who form a band ask famous writer Dries to be their drummer. He joins the band and starts manipulating them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cecily B (ca) wrote: enjoyed this one! a bit predictable but I love the cast, a lot of great names.

Mansi A (nl) wrote: If you saw and liked "Patang," you will enjoy Gattu. The film truly pulls at your heart strings. An Indian movie minus the song and dance -- THAT is film.

Chris D (br) wrote: There's no questioning the performance of Brendan Gleeson as Winston Churchill, the sharp dialogue or the technical ability of Director Thaddeus O'Sullivan...however, I felt the experience was incomplete, leaving me wanting more.

dfw f (it) wrote: The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (Ano em Que Meus Pais aram de Frias) 2006 I Lived in Brazil for a year when I was 21 years old (study Portuguese & travel). So I like to watch most all of the Brazilian movies. In 1970, near the World Cup, Daniel Stern & his wife Miriam leave Belo Horizonte in a hurry ( they are scared) While traveling to So Paulo, the couple explains Mauro (their 10 year old son) that they will travel on vacation & will leave Mauro with his grandfather Mtel. Daniel promises to return before the first game of the Brazilian National Soccer Team in the Cup. The boy is left in Bom Retiro, a Jewish & Italian neighborhood. The boy finds no one in his grandfathers apt & he continues to wait for him. When the next door neighbor Shlomo arrives, he tells the boy that Mtel had just had a heart attack & died. Alone & without knowing where his parents are, the boy is lodged by Shlomo & the Jewish community. Through the young neighbor Hanna, Mauro makes new friends, cheers for the Brazilian team & sees the movement of the police & militaries on the streets while waiting for his parents. Information is slightly presented in the film about the situation of the kids parents. This film is a believable nicely told involving story. The kid makes some friends with other neighbor kids & learns a lot of things along the way. It??s a good story & well directed & the art director??s re-creation of 1970 on the outskirts of Sao Paulo is good. I have seen so many foreign films with the point of view of the kid I think sometimes I get tired of them. Not this one. Really the plot is kind of understated as it suggests rather than spells out the political turmoil. Brazils national obsession with the World Cup plays a big part in the movie also. The films portrait of a multi-cultural Brazil is warm & welcoming. It also tells a moving & realistic story that takes place during a sad & violent period in Brazilian history. It should be viewed by many.

Sarah T (gb) wrote: decent for John Cusack...touching.

Jinx C (mx) wrote: Interesting....insightful....new found respect. Shout outs to all truck drivers...thanks guys/gals u deserve a big ol thank u.

Michael L (fr) wrote: I found this overlooked Woody Allen '02 entry delightfully entertaining. It doesn't pack the wallop of some of Woody's finest but stills has that clever overlapping dialog and of course great zingers/one-liners. Tea Leoni is perfectly cast & swings Allen's neurotic Hollywood fun with energy and wit.

Alyssa N (nl) wrote: The catchy songs and interesting cross-cultural themes make this movie entertaining, but it's still the least impressive Bollywood movie I've seen and I'm surprised it's considered a classic. Most attempts at humor are cringe-worthy, as are a handful of the characters, and the plot is even more cheesy and predictable than I'd been prepared for. Mahima Chaudhry's beauty is stunning and Shahrukh Khan has charisma to spare, so it's too bad that they and the rest of the cast were stuck playing characters whose actions, and overreactions, I had trouble believing.

Tim G (de) wrote: I did enjoy sgt bilko steve martin gives a good performance as the conniving master sergeant played by phil silvers in the 1950s dan aykroyd plays the not so bright colonel hall and phil hartman plays a now major who while inspecting the army base discovers that bilko is an officer on the base and he wants revenge on him and will do what ever it takes one of the funniest films of 1996

Nicholas L (br) wrote: Nick of Time has an interesting presence and it's a sure nail biter, but it also has its issues. With bland white washed lighting work and numerous plot holes that could sink a boat, the movie struggles to be ultimately different from every other action movie that has shown up.

Ryan Gibbons (br) wrote: I'm pretty sure that this is one of Eastwood's first and it certainly was not bad. This may sound sort of dumb but I thought that he included too much music in it, there was too much music and not enough biography, not really being a jazz fan, the substantial amount of time consuming performances started to bore me and get on my nerves. Whitaker gives a pretty good performance but he sort of annoyed me for some reason and not in a good way, I'm not an expert on jazz so maybe Parker was kind of an ass. Eastwood obviously put a lot of heart into the movie and I commend him for that. But this film is deeply flawed, it will appeal to fans of the subject matter, but maybe I was not going to like it that much going in. Decent, but nothing special. Really dragged.

Senor C (es) wrote: It's very rare that I laugh at a comedy. I can count of one hand how many I really like & those I probably consider classics. Eating Raoul is one that I found amusing but w/ a cult following I was really expecting more (both times I've seen it). Don't get me wrong; it's good but in a fringe cinema sorta way I just found that many times it just didn't live up to its potenial. I don't know if this was because of the low budget or that it was just too sublime for me. It made me chuckle in spots (or raised a smile). It just didn't make me laugh which I think a film like this should have. It has a person likr me in mind for it's audience so I don't know what the deal is. Mary Woronov is fun and I'm always glad when she shows up. She's the only reason I would buy into the cult of it all

Dave F (ag) wrote: This was a huge favorite in my hippy teens. Watching it now, the Cheryl Barnes character really stands out as the high point of the film. (Hud's straight ex - she sings the "Easy to be Hard" song.)

Kevin M W (es) wrote: Filmed in their heyday, while they were still a true team and not battling egos, this is less a film than a Broadway play adapted for film and the then very popular Martin and Lewis team. Despite the wrinkles on some of the comedy (mugging stolen from Harpo Marx!) there are moments when the magic happens ... and usually when they are together onscreen. Film fans will enjoy the "Bells of St.Mary" sketch.

Matthew P (gb) wrote: Like any road trip; can we just get to our destination, already?!