Excessive Force

Excessive Force

Chicago policeman Terry McCain is determined to put away mobster Sal DiMarco, who always gets acquitted on technicalities. While monitoring a drug sale, a shootout ensues, and one of Terry's fellow officers gets away with $3 million of Sal's money. Suspecting Terry took the cash, the mobster sends his men to kill Terry's brother, Dylan, and partner, Frankie Hawkins. Furious, Terry sets out to take his revenge by any means necessary.

A group of Chicago cops are involved in a raid from which $3,000,000 disappears. The local mob go after them and the body count starts to rise. The new Chief of Police makes it clear to the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Excessive Force torrent reviews

pattie s (nl) wrote: I was expecting a tad more near the end, but it definitely impressed. 3.7 out 5.

Jennifer R (us) wrote: the American version of District 13

Jamie L (br) wrote: This movie was so weird and odd and great and fantastic. The use of the church music was perfect. Really relatable movie. Maybe not in everything that happens, but definitely the emotions behind it.

Don S (au) wrote: Nothing new here. Jigsaw is only in it in flashbacks. Someone is carrying on the games. Who could it be? Really, who cares?

Dutch V (au) wrote: I don't know if the guys who made this movie were making fun of these people or presenting it in a serious manner, but either way I enjoy this movie. Whether you are laughing at them or if it is bringing the nerd out in you this movie is entertaining. This movie probably isn't for everyone, but if you have time check it out.

Michael M (ru) wrote: Cotillard is excellent.

Forrest E (jp) wrote: Eh, not Miike's best. But still fun to watch.

Maria C (nl) wrote: I have admired Sabina Spielrein for a long time. I would love to see this movie.

Brendan T (us) wrote: Better than many give it credit for.

Jerry F (mx) wrote: I have seen this one a couple of times over the years. All good stuff. It's just starting to look a bit dated. But sit back and enjoy ! Clint is the man !

Dave R (br) wrote: in this "rags to riches" story bridges plays a young and ambitious driver who moves from running moonshine to the nascar circuit. and apparently this is based on a true story. good performances by the cast - and it's chock full of 70s/80s character actors like, ned beatty, ed lauter, william smith, and lane smith to name a few. interesting to see what nascar looked like back in the early 70s - much different than it is now.

Ben H (jp) wrote: One of Mizoguchi's more 'commercial' works, often cited as his masterpiece. As always a visual feast, excellent performances and a typically merciless tragic story.

Indira S (gb) wrote: frankly i expect more than this

Tracy F (mx) wrote: Really good flick. Fiction mixed with non-fiction. I'm sure many families had similar stories in the 60's when they visited relatives in south. Good movie for pre-teens and teens I think especially. Not the little ones though.

ken k (jp) wrote: I loved this little movie. Laughed out loud many times. Dialogue crisp, acting superb. Just a well done slice of digital America.

Jaime L (nl) wrote: Yes its stupid but even worse is that its boring.