Alienated teen Pauline struggles with the pressures of fitting into high school, pleasing her mother and a burning desire to lose her virginity. With a grotesque curiosity for the darker side of life, Pauline is considered a social outcast by everyone around her. Enticed by flesh, she retreats into her own fantasies and hopes to become a great surgeon - that is, if she doesn't go insane first.

A disturbed and delusional high school student with aspirations of a career in medicine goes to extremes to earn the approval of her controlling mother while plotting to lose her virginity and save her sister from the ravaging effects of cystic fibrosis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Excision torrent reviews

Michael H (fr) wrote: I found myself wandering a bit initially (perhaps I was just tired) but after a while the story gripped me became increasingly absorbing as it progressed.

Toffy R (it) wrote: It reflects the reality. Enough said.

Austin G (kr) wrote: There are better Christian films out there, but this one isn't too bad. It's pretty good, actually.

Ad u (jp) wrote: I walked out half way through.. really depressing.

Jared M (kr) wrote: grade: 91/100 A-god, was this show a really exciting, but slowly declining roller coaster. I introduced my friend to Breaking Bad (my favorite show. ever.) and he introduced me to Prison Break. Prison Break started out as awesome crazy and original. slowly it turned into 24 with a slow mediocre twist. That aside, this was a great sign off. I suprising enjoyed the backwards of the last 2 episodes (showing Michael's tomb then explaining it in the Final Break). Everyone must of expected that Michael were to die at some point, but the Final Break ending is a tear jerker for sure. Even though I already knew that Prison Break was over, I can't believe its just done. A good ending.

Matthew P (es) wrote: A good solid tragedy plot, even if it's a bit transparent in places. Some of the dialogue rang false, and some was clearly out of place, so I have to wonder how much of the movie was the original text.. but overall, a very good adaptation.

Jovi J (us) wrote: re-watched tangled and thought of posting a review. a very good disney movie indeed. a perfect mix of comedy and seriousness.

Nigel S (it) wrote: After the movie hits the 90 minute mark, it starts to lose the charm that it built up in the beginning.

Robbie N (jp) wrote: Amusing and impressive, it has fun characters, yet not all are significant. Some major flaws are definitely visible in this movie, but overall it is no doubt family-fun, and an all round good movie.

Tom R (ca) wrote: A good documentary. I liked that we got to see the personal / secretive work side of Bob Crumb, and his comics. Though the film does get a bit creepy at times, and can get off-topic at times also. This is worth at least a view, especially for the Bob Crumb fans.

Kimberly F (gb) wrote: I have NOT seen this in a longggg damn time

Scott S (nl) wrote: Hellgate (1989) -- [2.0] -- Cheap-in-every-way hodge podge horror flick seemingly put together on-the-fly by hacks. You have a narrator who states the obvious, chicks cast for their boobs alone, storylines that never come together, wretched dialogue, and a finale that throws in flaming stunt men and exploding facades without any explanation. Oh, and you also get nearly nude Horshack (Ron Palillo) from "Welcome Back, Kotter." Terrible, terrible, terrible movie.

Matthew S (fr) wrote: Visceral and multilayered in a transparent yet beautifully realised manner.

Stephen R (kr) wrote: I was impressed by the trailer for the film 9, so watching the original short was a must...