When Mountain City racketeer Charles Gillette is acquitted, he arrives at the Mountain City World newsroom and vows revenge on the Better Government Committee who put him behind bars. Members of the committee include Colonel Bogardus, owner of the World , Horace Mitchell, a candidate for mayor, and Mr. Franklin, a department store owner. First Gillette buys a rival newspaper, the Sentinel , and offers a pricey editorship to World newsman Ralph Houston, who refuses the offer on principle. That evening, Ralph and his partner, Tod Swain, are greeted at home by a creditor, and Vina Swain, Ralph's fiancée, is furious to find out he turned down Gillette's offer. When she learns Ralph went into debt to put her through college, she warns Gillette of a police raid and pays back Ralph's debt with Gillette's renumeration. When Ralph orders Vina not to work for Gillette, she breaks their engagement.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1937
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gangster,   newspaper,  

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Ching B (mx) wrote: Kind of gory for a cartoon.

Brad D (ru) wrote: Love this movie! Too funny! Fav quote from it: "I think i'm gay... I think I like dudes!"

Courtney C (kr) wrote: strippers have rights too!

Dan W (au) wrote: no blockbuster, but it's still entertaining enough for a crime movie

Jon F (es) wrote: good eighties flick with some decent soundtrack to it and of course the good guys always win.

Justin H (mx) wrote: You know what's not funny? This movie

Brennen d (jp) wrote: Really solid film. The story hits hard. 4.5/5

David J (au) wrote: It's disconcerting to see De Niro acting this badly. The plot is completely predictable. I think they were trying to produce a Hangover type movie but they missed the mark completely. It is shocking that De Niro would do a movie like this, but then again, when was his last really good role? It appears that De Niro is just cashing in on his reputation. This movie isn't really worth watching for free on Amazon Prime where I watched it.