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A story about the beautiful but confused young woman Helene, who, according to her mother, was born as a 'technical error'. Helene suspects that her father, who left his family before Helene was born, might be the once celebrated director of a dilapidated theater in Copenhagen. Assisted by a series of bizarre coincidences and by her mother's dog (a creature in whose shadow Helene has always lived), Helene manages to get closer to her father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Download   Undskyld Jeg Forstyrrer (2012) [Henrik Ruben Genz]Other4838696.91 MB

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intuciic (de) wrote: nothing special.. pretty boring

Richard C (es) wrote: The drama has its ups and downs, with its tinted photography as its highlight, but the ingredients never really combine effectively.

Ryan K (de) wrote: It may not be altogether 'kinky' but Chiwetel Ejiofor's sassy performance certainly makes it all worth it.

Eric C (de) wrote: I am not old enough to have memories of this era in history. I am sure it will resonate more as I study more about McNamara and Vietnam, and past wars, and then come back to it as a recounting of history.

Zachary R (au) wrote: I thought this was a funny film and hey it's Leslie Nielsen! Another funny role for him. Also this movie does have a lot of sexual humor, but still hilarious to watch. This film is definetly funny! 10 out of 10.

Jed D (fr) wrote: Mark Dacascos & Kadeem Hardison are two of the most under appreciated actors. Drive was a fun b-action film with good humour and unbelievable fighting sequences.

Nader H (mx) wrote: To call Cruel Jaws a movie is a Cruel Joke...Seriously, this 'movie' really is a cruel joke. How this managed to make it all the way to film festivals is beyond me? It steals from every other shark movie that came before it, right down to the stock footage. The 'writing' is plagiarized to a fault, the 'actors' are terrible to endure, and the entire thing just wreaks of someone basically giving you the metaphorically middle finger the whole time, and then laughing at you for truly wasting an hour and a half of your life. It gets so bad, I was manically laughing at the sheer stupidity of the whole thing.Movie or not, Cruel Jaws has at least earned one credential, as one of the worst 'entertainment' experiences I have had to endure...

Barry W (us) wrote: Kind of like a bloated Star Trek episode. At least we got some closure on Captain Kirk.

Danny H (au) wrote: it was enjoyable enough. not good but not horrible

Tova M (ru) wrote: Scared? Pft... No way... Worst movie I've seen, so far...

Capitaine T (de) wrote: Kim ki duk's strange world and strange vision of love (but after all, love is always strange).

Juls XD H (ru) wrote: the movie beggin i little slowly but in the middle become a great movie and without any dude the apes give a spectacular quality

Andy C (kr) wrote: By some wicked curse I assume leprechaun magic the review of a camp horror classic I love is pulling to a similarly named by the numbers modern remake (though I'm not sure the films are in any way related apart from the titles.) in brief The leprechaun with Warwick Davies and young, super lovely, Jennifer Anniston = brilliant. New Leprechaun : Origins = charmless and dull rather except for one line crowbarred in from the classic leprechaun film (quite possibly by accident). Stars are reflective of the original movie.

susan b (au) wrote: It was good to see that there are still countries that have respect for people, no matter what they have done. Most of the U.S. has become greedy and corrupt. Not enough people looking out for each other and the world. We need to stop invading other countries. The mess in Syria is because the U.S. wants a pipeline. The U.S. is doing the same thing to our citizens, in our country. Wake up America before it is to late.

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