"Executions" is a documentary showing real footage of the many different methods humanity has used through-out history for capital punishment. During the film, the makers point out how unjustifiable the death penalty is in every situation, so they do take a staunch stance against what they're presenting. Footage from live executions are shown in detail.

"Executions" is a documentary showing real footage of the many different methods humanity has used through-out history for capital punishment. During the film, the makers point out how ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben T (au) wrote: The Bye Bye Man is a 2017 horror film from directed by Stacy Title based off of the book of the same name. The Bye Bye Man is an incredibly disappointing movie due to the admittedly interesting concept. The Bye Bye Man is one of the worst horror movies I have seen in a long time, this film isn't scary, it isn't tense and had some of the absolute worst screenwriting I've seen in ages. The film makes absolutely no sense as the script is so contradictory, for example you aren't supposed to think of the Bye Bye Man; so why on earth in one scene is the main character shouting in his car 'Bye Bye'? The acting is absolutely horrendous, to be fair the lead guy is trying and isn't that awful. The best friend however is so wooden and the girlfriend is absolutely dreadful. The directing is terrible as the film looks like it was made for about $2. The from isn't scary it's just very boring and is full of cheap jump scares and dreadful 'suspense'. This film also has some of the worst cgi I've seen in quite a while, especially the Bye Bye Man's weird dog. The only real positives are that the opening scene is semi decent and the film is destined to become a so bad it's good film in years to come. However the Bye Bye Man is a dreadful film and one of the worst horror movies I've seen in a while. D

Andrew L (au) wrote: The remarkable story of Anonymous is one that deserves to be told, however it isn't quite done justice here as a heavy reliance on self-congratulating, amateur interviewees is the ultimate downfall of an otherwise fairly informative and interesting documentary.

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Kim R (ca) wrote: A friend of mine wrote this, so I want to see it. =)

Ryan M (nl) wrote: A chick movie overall pretty good. It felt real until the ending. Real awkward moments real emotions. everybody turned happy and got what they wanted at the end, a little predictable.

Angel S (kr) wrote: i love this school life..it reminds me my school days..miss u all my friends.!!!

Michelle N (us) wrote: heavy on the bitter, heavy on the sweet. not a feel good movie, but you won't want to stop watching it.

Bill M (ru) wrote: Tubb was Razzie robbed.

Tim S (gb) wrote: Sunset, for all intents and purposes, was not a hit film when it was released. A lot of this was due to how uneven the tone of the film is and what it's actually trying to do. Before I ever saw the movie, I just thought it was a straight-up comedy film about moviemaking. But when I saw it for the first time, it left me with the distinct impression that it wanted to do a lot of different things, and not just comedy. However, the charm of Bruce Willis and James Garner, along with the beautiful photography and set designs, make this one a winner for me. Willis and Garner seem to have a little chemistry between them as well. So the film isn't a total failure to me. I think it has a lot to offer and is probably worth a re-examination by modern audiences. After all, they see uneven movies constantly now.

IVRt (ca) wrote: omg.. I remember seein thiz movie when I waz young... but it soo rocked!

Kristi G (ag) wrote: I love this movie! Danny Kaye is amazing!! He's one of my favorite actors!!

knay f (br) wrote: really want to see this never had,

Bill B (ag) wrote: Charming coming of age story centered around the always delightful Aubrey Plaza and her self-imposed list of sexual acts that she wants to try/master before entering college to get rid of her uptight image.Recommended.

Sylvester K (nl) wrote: Exactly what the consensus described, this is the mother of the zombie films. A must watch for the Zombie fans