Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit A tells the timely story of a normal family disintegrating under financial pressure, eventually driven to the unimaginable. All is not as it seems as the King family go about their day-to-day lives oblivious of the horror to come. Dad Andy (Bradley Cole) is nursing a secret that ultimately leads to terrible consequences for them all. We witness these chilling events unfold through daughter Judith's video camera, which subsequently becomes Exhibit A.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2007
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  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   jealousy,   fight,  

The timely story of a normal family disintegrating under financial pressure, eventually driven to the unimaginable. We witness the terrifying events unfold through daughter Judith's video camera, which subsequently becomes Exhibit A. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liam C (it) wrote: Water for Elephants is a very unique entry in the romance genre that I'm really surprised by. This film was very, very good and I liked it very much, and dare I say, loved it?The story in this film is very gripping and has you very invested in it's world from very early on. I went along with the story and felt very attached to it, any time that something happened to a character it got a reaction out of me and during some parts, most notably the very heated conclusion, I just wanted to jump into the film and take action. Surprisingly, this story has quite a lot of tension in it, as the film went on I had no idea what would happen next and I was just on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. The film had a very good pace allowing the film to flow naturally, breath and give attention to characters. However, for about the first 10-15 minutes or so, I noticed some cliches but the more and more the film got into the circus story, they disappeared.The story is already delightfully unique and interesting but it really is the acting that elevates this to what it is. I feel bad for Robert Pattinson, so many are just ready to write him off because of Twilight but in everything I've seen him in, he's been a different character and in this he does a very good job at playing the conflicted lead. His character has development and he and Reese Witherspoon's chemistry seems natural for the scenario they're in; lack of chemistry? Really? Her character couldn't leave her situation so easily like people seem to think she could have, which is a very dark one. Christoph Waltz is the one who steals the show, though, he alone makes the story all the more gripping and compelling just because of how unpredictable and scary he is, you'll never be able to tell what he'll do next and when he does do something dramatic it gets the best kind of emotional reaction out of you to the point where you just wanna punch him. He gets development too and somehow you feel sorry for him even right after he does something horrible about half way through, just because of how he sells it, you don't forgive him but you can tell he's tormented.The film looks beautiful too, the film really captured the time period very well and looked like a film that was made about 30-40 years ago, everything from the sets to the costumes to the perfect score, it all feels like a product of old Hollywood. After all was said and done I had a massive smile on my face and I was very happy that I finally got around to watching this and experiencing it. It is a film that is directed brilliantly, acted perfectly and based on a very unique and powerful story. I couldn't find any fault to take me out of the compelling story and I was gripped for the, initially daunting, 2 hour runtime. It is an excellent film. I should probably check out the book...

Pablo G (au) wrote: 3/5One would expect to experience something aside from plain competency out of an anthology film made by female filmmakers, maybe an out of the ordinary style or a story that better explores female related themes in horror which there are plenty of, but instead the final product is half pretty good shorts, half shit shorts, and a stop motion animation that while quite remarkable and artistic does no favors when it comes to the usual problem of anthology films; cohesion.

Daniel F (kr) wrote: Underated and overlooked, David Mamet's tale of a struggling martial arts fighter gripped me much more than expected!

Nicki M (mx) wrote: I have been wanting to see this one since I first saw it advertised a few years back. Just seemed to be one that I never came across at the video store, or remembered to look for. When it was finally shown on SBS a few months back, I taped it, and, you guessed it, forgot all about it!Finally stumbled across it again today, (gotta love a public holiday), and finally I can say I have seen this lovely movie. I heard it described as a very romantic film. It is and it kind of isn't. Though there is a lot of romance and romantic themes in it, it is firmly based in reality. There is potential for almost all in this film to have a romantic ending, but not all get it........SPOILERS........ Particularly sad in the case of the older lady caring for her old mother with dementia - you literally see her lose her courage. Pretty heartbreaking to think she missed her last chance at happiness, but on the other hand, you have to admire her selflessness in choosing to care for her mother.Mostly this follows the lives and friendship of four women and is based around the beauty salon three of them work in. It is set in Beirut, which also gives this movie a little something extra - I found this both exotic and totally alien to my own life. You could say this is a far cry from a friendship movie such as the Sex & the City films. This somehow had more substance, while still being quite a feel good movie. The main character Layale is involved with a married man, which obviously leads to tears. She becomes obsessed with his wife, Christine, who is such a lovely person even Layale kind of likes her, much to her confusion. Meanwhile, Layale can't see that the policeman who works across the road is secretly in love with her and a really nice guy.Nisrine is about to be married and has a secret - her husband is not her "first" (I can't imagine this being a scandal in a SATC, but here it is, again, very different culture), and she decides to take some extreme action to hide her secret.Rima is a lesbian and is attracted to a beautiful customer to the beauty store. This relationship is implied more than seen, but done nicely. I guess maybe that would be more scandalous in this culture also. And Jamale is an ageing aspiring actress who is divorced and feeling her age so badly she has resorted to taping her face and lying about still getting her period to make herself seem more youthfull. Her audition screen test is funny and also heartbreaking. I really felt for all the women in this movie. Really, really beautifully written characters and story and leaves plenty to your own imagination and interpretation. I will definitely be adding this one to my collection!

Kavita D (mx) wrote: seriously funny, engaging and wonderfully light.

Anastasia (kr) wrote: So far I like it (July 2015) UPN

Graham M (br) wrote: Silly as the concept was, I tried to enjoy it but ultimately failed, not at all helped by the completely cliched ending.

Chris S (ca) wrote: You wouldn't be far off if you called me a huge fan of Clive Barker. I pretty much love the guy's work whether it's written or being put to film. I loved Midnight Meat Train more than most, I still think Hellraiser is one of the creepiest movies ever, and I always find myself getting lost in whatever Barker book I stumble upon. One of the first books I read by Barker was the Books of Blood Volumes 1-3. There were several stories that stood out, but one of the main ones that has always stuck with me over the years was Rawhead Rex. It's powerful, it's engrossing, and it's considered to be one of Barker's best short stories. So a film version of one of Barker's best should already have enough momentum to at least be decent at the end of the day. Unfortunately that isn't the case. Somehow Rawhead Rex became incredibly lame and plagued by 80's cliches somewhere in between its transition from novel to film. Did you ever used to watch "Doug"? The animated series on Nickelodeon with Porkchop, Quail Man, Roger Klotz, Patti Mayonnaise, and Skeeter? There was an episode called Nightmare on Jumbo Street where a horror movie hits the neighborhood where everyone in town sees it and is talking about it, but Doug closes his eyes and misses the ending. He stretches out seeing it again because he's scared, but when he finally gets around to seeing the ending he realizes you can see the zipper on the back of the monster's costume. That's kind of the way Rawhead Rex is except you basically see the metaphorical zipper as soon as Rawhead shows up. He looks terrible. It basically seems like a wrestler running around in a glorified ape costume. The mask looks like it's made of rubber except the facial features twitch occasionally, he's cross-eyed all the time, has two mouths in addition to one of those plastic sets of pecs and abs to make him look ripped, and his fingernails grow and shrink at will. Rawhead Rex basically looks like an ape raided Vernon Wells' leftover Road Warrior outfits and then decapitated and hollowed out the head of George, the King Kong-like character in the 1986 (made in the same year as the film) arcade game Rampage and wore that as a mask. Any of this sounding awesome yet? Oh, it's just getting started. I'm about to spoil the hell out of this movie mostly because it's out of print and practically impossible to find. Nearly all of Rawhead's kills end in some sort of obviously fake appendage or mannequin being used. Low budget films can be incredible, but it's usually when they're able to hide the fact that they were made so cheap. Rawhead Rex decides to embrace this fact while saying, "Let's show Rawhead trying to bite this guy's neck even though his mouth doesn't open wide enough, it appears as if he's nibbling on the victim's cheek, and Rawhead looks like he's barfing blood on the guy rather than the blood coming from the victim's flesh wound." The monster is also territorial, which doesn't sound so bad until his territory is a trailer park. Rawhead not being creative with his kills doesn't really help matters either. It's pretty much all decapitations and claw swipes. One of the more bizarre moments in the film is when Rawhead Rex kills a man at his home and then goes after the man's wife. Rawhead destroys the inside of their home, but spares the woman when he realizes she's pregnant. The monster leaves and a friend of the couple shows up. When the friend finds the wife, he asks if she's alright. The woman clinches her fists and GROWLS at him before pausing for a moment and bursting into tears. That reaction should be used on unwelcome Jehovah's witnesses who come knocking at your door. The last half of the film is even worse. A magic rock saves the day. It's kept in a glowing red box in the Ireland church. Once the rock is used to help stop the monster, it uses the cheesiest 80's special effects imaginable. "So if I'm a chick and I lift this rock over my head, I'll have a laser light show right in my own back yard? Righteous!" The stone makes an appearance in the original story as well, but it's at least used in a way that comes off slightly less ridiculous than a rock that shoots lasers. The film just plays out in the worst of ways. A man tries to save a woman that Rawhead is about to slaughter, but winds up tearing her dress instead and we get our only nudity shot in the film. She bumps into a tree and dies. She's supposed to be thrown, but the impact is about as rough as accidentally bumping into somebody in public. Rawhead Rex is nothing like the source material. I was surprised they kept the vicar's "baptism" scene in there. Rawhead Rex is the type of film that gives horror a bad name; it's cliche, the monster is obviously a man in a rubber suit, it's predictable, and it's basically just meaningless gore. It's like the film tries to throw a little bit of the actual story in there near the end of the film, but it's too little too late. The damage has already been done. Rawhead Rex is pure cheese, but it's not even good cheese. It's like that hunk of cheese you've had in the fridge for a year and a half that's covered in three inch thick green mold. This film is out of print for a reason. Don't hunt it down unless you're a die hard Clive Barker or major horror fan. I implore you though to give the exceptional short story a read or to read it again if you have already.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: This should have been a trilogy, they just edited out the weak spots (46 minutes) and ran it all once. Worth watching once a decade for two centuries!

Jerry T (nl) wrote: Great movie about the NYC mob. The fact that it is a true story makes it even more interesting. Great cast.

John A (br) wrote: Very Entertaining Supernatural Thriller/Gore Horror, Surrounding A Skeleton Crew Of Cops Working The Closing Night Of Their Precinct. Late That Night A Mysterious Man (Robert Englund) Walks In Holding A Severed Head Of A Teenage Girl, Which He Murdered Earlier. He Wants To Be Caught. WHY? Because This Demon Is Wanting To Get His Own Back On The Guy Who Almost Put Him Away 13 Years Ago (William Forsythe), Before It's His Time To Leave Earth.A Smartly Made Film, With A Small Budget, And Great Performances From Both Englund & Forsythe Is Which Makes This Film An Enjoyable Watch. The Story Seems Similar To Val Kilmer's THE TRAVELLER, But Kilmer Was Not A Demon In It, But Like That It Had The Same Sort Of Suspense (& This Film Had A Lower Budget), But All In Nice Short Horror Film, In Which Their Is No Nudity, But Still Has A Few Sex Refrences :-(.

Andrew I (es) wrote: Looking like a cross between Gotham by Gaslight and The Phantom Raspberry-Blower of Old London Town, Shadows and Fog is not as enjoyable as either of them. The lack of colour, brightness or contrast hardly does it any favours, it's slow, none of the jocular lines really hit home, the story doesn't really seem to be about anything and the 'big ending' is hardly anything. Considering the cast, this is disappointing in every way - never gripping and always seems acted. I fell asleep halfway through it the first time, and I wasn't even tired. Maybe it's a blindingly clever parable for something that passes me by, but that suits me fine. 5/10