In the upscale Toronto strip club Exotica, dancer Christina is visited nightly by the obsessive Francis, a depressed tax auditor. Her ex-boyfriend, the club's MC, Eric, still jealously pines for her even as he introduces her onstage, but Eric is having his own relationship problems with the club's owner, Zoe. Meanwhile Thomas, a mysterious pet-shop owner, is about to become unexpectedly involved in their lives. Gradually, connections between the traumatic pasts of these characters are revealed.

This psychological thriller is true to its subjects as well as being complex, dynamic, and overly dramatic. How something so long ago, seemingly trivial, years later with more significant trauma, turns repressed emotions into a dysfunctional life and distorted thinking. This is all merged into a psychological menagerie that unfolds piece by piece to perfection. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gino T (kr) wrote: it was a good movie i laughed alot overall it was a great movie

Bryan G (ru) wrote: Started off with soooo much potential. A deranged version of Groundhog Day. Quickly turns into sheer juvenile stupidy. Yet another wasted indie film yet again tiredly shot around Langley, British Columbia... seemingly the hotbed for wanna-be future filmmakers. Why the stupidity? Despite the clear fact that the bad-ass in the film is going to do stoooooooooopid sheee-ite every repeated day, they never wake up and tie him up in advance. And since they are going to wake up everyday, they keep falling for his "do this horrible thing or I'll kill your sister" thing over-and-over.

George P (au) wrote: There is a man in this film who's job is to blow up mountains. How cool is that? Cooler than the rest of the film certainly. I bet Brittany Murphy, Eric La Salle and Bruce Davison leave this one out of their memoirs

Kim B (es) wrote: What does it say about this movie that I think it is the weirdest thing that I have EVER seen in my life? It has no small amount of competition, either; I watch everything on Adult Swim. In a lot of ways, this reminds me of the insane concoctions that Williams Street came up with (although it's a LOT more kid friendly) crossed with the strange, giddy stories eight-year-olds tell when playing with their action figures. This probably doesn't make it sound too appealing, and indeed, I have no idea how many of the people reading this little review are going to find it even half as entertaining as I do. I can't guarantee you'll like it if you watch it, but it's not like anything else and, if you're in the right mindset (or on the right drugs, though I don't condone that at all), it's a blast.

Stuart M (gb) wrote: Funny concept, but inconsistent execution.

Tonita I (it) wrote: Well what can I say? I've seen better. Did a get a bit confusing, acting wasn't great and sometimes veered towards comedy. Let's just say it was the best of a bad bunch on tv tonight. I would probably watch it again though... I am that sad.......

Amber B (fr) wrote: Great acting!Great pacing!and Good Looking.

Samir S (kr) wrote: The density of pain caused by partition and the human values lost in the meaningless fight of religions, Pinjar hits hearts with a bang.

Mili B (de) wrote: love it...love u Gael!!

YoyO N (ca) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Alicia C (it) wrote: oh my god it was horrible!

Lyndsay P (fr) wrote: Roger Ebert did this movie justice when he reviewed it. I think the subject matter was treated with the respect it deserved. As a fan of the outspoken Dorothy Parker, I think the movie was just fine.

Eliel L (br) wrote: La pelcula no se toma enserio, ya con el titulo se demuestra lo que tendrs.Muertes absurdamente divertidas, Actuaciones salidas de cualquier comercial local y efectos dan el toque final de lo ridculo. En si, es diversin tonta perfecta para cualquier funcin de Media noche y un clsico del mal cine.

Andrew E (jp) wrote: About as perfect a comedy as movies can get.

Nicole R (br) wrote: i use to love this movie growing up

James L (au) wrote: A sequel to THE ROBE, this is a good follow up film, but not quite as good. But better than most say.

D M (de) wrote: Lone Wolf McQuade and Lou Gossett Jr travel through the jungles of Central America looking for a treasure after being hired by a woman who came across an ancient map. I had remembered this one from my childhood in a much better light than it shows itself now. Even the best scene (in the bar, when it's Chuck vs. dozens of Mestizos) didn't hold up despite my very favourable memory. For fans of Remo Williams, Jake Speed, Jungle Raiders, The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, etc.

Lee H (ca) wrote: Absolutely love this movie and can't help watching it again whenever it comes on cable. In my opinion, Billy Bob's best performance ever. Great performances from everyone in a great story and authentic Southern accents and dialogue make this movie captivating to watch time and time again.