A recently separated ladies' magazine reporter, a young couple who are in love, an unfaithful but jealous crane driver, a longing father and his unknowing daughter, the home coming fisherman's son who seeks reconciliation with his parents, the farmer who thirsts for tenderness. We meet them all in Svenska hjältar, a modern saga about the chipped heroes of everyday life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Swedish,Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:train,   birthday,   mining,  

A recently separated ladies' magazine reporter, a young couple who are in love, an unfaithful but jealous crane driver, a longing father and his unknowing daughter, the home coming ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan H (gb) wrote: A fine if not troublesome depiction of the physical and mental hardships soldiers face everyday.

William P (ru) wrote: LOVE IT SINCE I NEVER SAW IT. I GIVE IT A 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 1000000000000000000000000000000000

Peter S (ag) wrote: Bette Midler is [email protected]#$n' awesome!

Fredrick R (fr) wrote: a heavy coming of age story of filled with loss, life and unrequited love.Set in the 1960s at a French Boarding school and the town/countryside around, with the French/Algerian War as a backdrop, a bizarre love rectangle emerges between teens Francois, Henri, Serge and Maite. A complicated quilt of intersecting life circumstances weave the four into each other lives.Each character deals with a major loss..war, death, broken families... in their own way.

Barnaby W (mx) wrote: A thought-provoking and well acted film from Channel 4. Archie Punjabi is stunning in the title role and, although at times lacking subtlety, it suitably addresses topical issues within our society.

Tracey c (ag) wrote: The film opens with the narration: "This is the story of a ship" and the images of shipbuilding in a British dockyard. The action then moves forward in time showing the ship, HMS Torrin, engaging German transports in a night-time engagement during the Battle of Crete in 1941. However when dawn breaks, the destroyer comes under aerial attack from German dive-bombers. Eventually the little ship receives a critical hit following a low-level pass. The crew's company abandon ship as it rapidly capsizes. Some of the men including officers and crew manage to find a life raft, but the survivors are intermittently strafed by passing dive-bombers. From here, the story is told in flashback using the memories of the men on the raft. The first person to reveal his thoughts is Captain Kinross (Coward), who thinks back to the summer of 1939 when the Royal Naval destroyer HMS Torrin is being rushed into commission as the possibility of war becomes a near-certainty. The ship's company spends a relatively quiet Christmas in the north of Scotland during the Phoney War. But by 1940, the Torrin is taking part in a naval battle off the coast of Norway. However during the action, a young terrified sailor (Attenborough) leaves his station, while another rating (Mills) returns to his gun after its crew is knocked unconscious by a torpedo that has struck the ship. With the ship damaged it is towed back to port, all the time being harried by fighter-bombers. Back in harbour, Captain Kinross tells the assembled crew that 243 out of the 244 men aboard performed as he would expect; however one man didn't. But he tells everyone present they may be surprised to know that he let the man off with a caution as he feels as Captain he failed to make the young man understand his duty. The film then returns to the present as the survivors watch the capsized Torrin slowly take on water. It becomes clear that the badly-damaged ship will sink. Once again, the raft comes under attack by German planes. Some men are killed, and "Shorty" Blake (Mills) is injured. This leads to a flashback in which Mills remembers how he met his wife-to-be, Freda, on a train while on leave. It is also revealed, she is related to the Torrin's affable Chief Petty Officer Hardy (Miles). When the men return to sea, Freda moves in with CPO Hardy's wife and mother-in-law. The Torrin participates in the Dunkirk evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force, (portrayed in the film by the 5th Battalion of the Coldstream Guards). Meanwhile the nightly Blitz is taking its toll on British towns. Blake gets a letter from home to say that Freda has given birth to his son during a raid. However the letter goes onto tell him that Hardy's wife and her mother were killed in the same attack. Stoically he goes up to the Petty Officers Mess and tells Hardy the bad news. The flashback ends as the survivors on the life raft watch the capsized Torrin finally sink. Captain Kinross leads a final "three cheers" for the Torrin when suddenly another German plane flies over, raking the raft with machine gun fire. A few more men are killed and wounded. Soon after, a British destroyer appears and begins to rescue the men. Safely aboard, Captain Kinross talks to the survivors and collects addresses from the dying. He tells the young man who once left his post that he will write and tell the boy's parents that he did his duty; seriously injured the young man smiles and passes away peacefully. From here, the stories run concurrently until the end of the film. Worried relatives receive telegrams informing them that their husbands are safe. Captain Kinross and the 90 surviving members of the crew are taken to Alexandria in Egypt. Wearing a mixture of odd clothing and standing in a military depot, Captain Kinross tells them that although they lost their ship and many friends, who now "lie together in 1500 fathoms", he notes that these losses should inspire them to fight even harder in the battles to come. The ship's company is then told they are to be broken up and sent as replacements to other ships that have lost men. Captain Kinross then shakes hands with all the ratings as they leave the depot. When the last man goes, the emotionally-tired captain turns to his remaining officers, silently acknowledges them and walks away. An epilogue then concludes: bigger and stronger ships are being launched to avenge the Torrin; Britain is an island nation, with a proud, indefatigable people; Captain Kinross is now in command of a battleship. It fires its massive main guns against the enemy.

Nico P (jp) wrote: Al empezar la pelcula, inicia de manera prometedora a pesar de ser serie B. Ignora eventos de las pelculas anteriores y adentra rpido en su mitologa, no obstante, pasado la primera (y mejor parte de la pelcula) cae en un pozo sin fondo de escenas ridculas, un guin sin creatividad (ms all de cambiar la escenografa, es exactamente lo mismo, pero con esteroides y sci-fi barato). Recomendable si te gusta esta clase de cine. Oportunidad perdida de romper el molde de la saga...