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A successful Los Angeles lawyer discovers that a short-term affair could have long-term consequences when a woman he had a brief affair with claims that she's currently pregnant with his unborn child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Denislav R (nl) wrote: The only thing in the movie I did not like are the special effects. They have`not aged well it seems. Outside o that- it's an amazing movie.

Sajin T (es) wrote: You love the game cricket, you are so gonna love this movie.

Zane U (es) wrote: A very interesting concept: a fortune-teller possesses her power via the help of an eclectic group of ghosts living out their purgatory within the confines of her home. The experience was heightened by the score, which was performed live, but I feel as though the film could stand on its own legs regardless.

Siriporn P (fr) wrote: Hurtful and cheerful at the same time. A very strongly touching movie.

Christopher A (mx) wrote: This is an awesome movie!

Greg W (fr) wrote: lang directs this awesome noir movie, with grahame ("the big heat") rolls out her femme fatale but u never really know til the end who side shes on

Tigran P (ru) wrote: 1st room just painful to watch2nd room again nothing interesting very bad3rd room had some funny moments and 4th room is the only room you feel directors work , the ending shot was very good but that's it . the only thing that was really really good in the movie was the music and tim roths overacting if you like him you gonna enjoy it . everything else was just terrible especially first two rooms they just killed the movie and before you get into 3rd and 4th room you already want to quit...........

Mitchell M (it) wrote: "Take Shelter" is a sincere, powerful exploration of mental illness, fueled by a phenomenal lead performance from Michael Shannon.

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