Experiment in Evil

Experiment in Evil

Mr. Joly, doctor Cordelier's lawyer, is amazed to discover that his client and friend leaves his possessions to a stranger, Opale, a sadistic criminal. He needs this man to prove that people's behavior can be adjusted at will...

Mr. Joly, doctor Cordelier's lawyer, is amazed to discover that his client and friend leaves his possessions to a stranger, Opale, a sadistic criminal. He needs this man to prove that people's behavior can be adjusted at will... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christine B (nl) wrote: Laughable! Ridiculous ending.

Shae S (us) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised to find that this movie is more about the fighters interviewed than Ali himself. Some great anecdotes and insights. George Foreman in particular tells about a locker room conversion experience he had which was fascinating.

Habi J (nl) wrote: this moveie id qwdome

Thomas H (de) wrote: this was one of the most epic films of my childhood, and I still remember it fondly

Juho K (jp) wrote: American Buffalo on sovitus 70-luvun saman nimisest nytelmst jossa Robert Duvall esitti Teach'a (elokuvassa Dustin Hoffman). 80-luvun alussa roolissa esiintyi muutaman kerran mys Al Pacino. Dennis Franz'a suunniteltiin mukaan nytelmn alkuaikoina, mutta se toteutui vasta tss elokuvassa. Roolihenkilit on kolme ja tapahtumat sijoittuvat 99% Donny'n (Franz) antiikkikauppaan ja ulkona piipahdetaan vain vlill.

Smashproplaya (mx) wrote: A Holiday Classic that will live on.

Wes S (ru) wrote: While the sets are eye candy and the premise seems funny, the humor is too sexual for my tastes and the plot goes nowhere. The props are cheesy goodness and some of the sci-fi ideas are great. The film simply didn't kick off for me though, and is ultimately drowned by the sex appeal.

Scott S (fr) wrote: Hellgate (1989) -- [2.0] -- Cheap-in-every-way hodge podge horror flick seemingly put together on-the-fly by hacks. You have a narrator who states the obvious, chicks cast for their boobs alone, storylines that never come together, wretched dialogue, and a finale that throws in flaming stunt men and exploding facades without any explanation. Oh, and you also get nearly nude Horshack (Ron Palillo) from "Welcome Back, Kotter." Terrible, terrible, terrible movie.

Jacob B (ag) wrote: OK, I'm going to be honest, I watched the director's cut rather than the PG-13 theatrical cut and the rumours were true. It was good. We get to see more action and more Matt Murdock doing his job as lawyer and less romantic film with action elements. Sure Ben Affleck isn't exactly fitting for the role when compared with Charlie Cox in the Netflix series, but one of the other good things from this film are the effects (Matt's "vision"). While it's not one of the best Marvel films out there, it's not one of the worst either. Michael Clarke Duncan's performance as Wilson Fisk still remains questionable though especially when compared with the Vincent D'Onofrio incarnation.

Mohammed A (us) wrote: The first movie was better than this

Another V (jp) wrote: This movie is about the important lifesaving work being done by Sam Childers as he works to save Christian orphans from genocide at the hands of militant Muslims in Africa. The senseless slaughtering of children brought this man of faith to his calling, to save and protect lives, in the name of Jesus.The movie may be over, but Childers continues his work. Here's one man who doesn't turn his back when genocide happens.

Emod L (au) wrote: 39%Another boring entry in a lesser franchise.V: 78%

Jesse O (ru) wrote: Where does one even begin a review of this movie without absolutely spoiling everything? Just as a fair warning, however, I will spoil everything at a certain point in this review so, if you haven't seen the movie and are actually interested in it, then just don't read this review. It won't even be the best of its kind you read on here, so you're really not missing out on anything. Anyway, I guess if I were starting off, I'd say that this is a very, very good movie. It's one of those that keeps you guessing right until the very end. Is it the most unpredictable movie in existence? No, not really. Because there's either one of two options. Either Kate is suffering from some postpartum induced paranoia of the couple who lives in the apartment below theirs plotting something against her, her husband and her newborn. Or Jon and Theresa, the ones below as it were, really were trying to fuck Kate and Justin over after they held them responsible for the loss of their child after an accident. There's not many options, but the movie does a good job at not revealing too much of its own cards to tip your opinion of what might actually be happening one way or the other. You can see both sides of the equation. You can see how Jon and Theresa's odd behavior would lead Kate to believe that they are up to something. But you can also see that since Kate give birth, she has not been in her right state of mind and her paranoia as a result of the guilt she feels for the accident that led to Theresa losing her child. Which brings us to the reveal of what actually happens. So, essentially, Jon and Theresa create this plan where they slowly ingratiate themselves in Kate and Justin's lives in small ways. Theresa offers to take care of Kate's baby in order to give her time to decompress and relax. The more Theresa offers to help the more suspicious Kate becomes. She eventually discovers that Jon and Theresa's camera is full of photos with her baby. She also finds a baby's room with a photo of Jon and Theresa acting as the child's parents. Kate calls Justin, he comes over to the apartment, where it's revealed that there were no photographs at all in the camera and the baby room was left intact as a way for Jon and Theresa to grieve the loss of their unborn baby. Of course, you're not clear, at least at this point, of what actually happened. There comes a point in the movie where Justin has to go to work. It was a fake call to get him to leave the house. Once Justin arrives home, he finds that Kate has, in fact, committed suicide and thrown their baby in the lake. It is later revealed that Jon and Theresa orchestrated all of this, they poisoned the milk that Kate drank every day. They also probably threw a cat in the river. Naturally, they took the baby with them to raise as their own, their own plot of revenge against a couple they felt was responsible for the death of their unborn child. It's actually kinda fucked up if you think about it, because there's just enough realism here to make it so that this might actually be a legitimate thing someone may try. It also works in so many ways as well. Because, the way they pulled off this plan, nobody would have ever suspected any wrongdoing and Justin will always live the rest of his life believing that his wife killed his child before killing herself. There's so many angles to this, it's quite something. But, really, there's some plot holes here. Because, let's say that the baby was indeed thrown in the lake and it drowned. Wouldn't the authorities actually look for the body? Wouldn't they have easily found out that the body thrown in the lake was not, in fact, a baby? It's one of the few plot holes in an otherwise really strong movie. One of the many things I liked about the movie was its pacing and how it built up tension and dread for its climax. Character development is quite strong. You can see how Jon and Theresa would lose sense of their faculties after the tragic death of their unborn child. Not saying that what they did was justifiable, since it was indeed just an accident, but you can see how they thought that their revenge plot was the best course of action. The acting is really damn good as well, so can't complain about that as well. Really, overall, I can't say much bad about this movie. It's not gonna be a movie that appeals to everybody, but I thought it was a damn good psychological drama. It's on Netflix, so that makes it an easier recommendation, though not everyone will enjoy it because of its slower pace.