The film revolves around Claire, a kind soul who resents having to enforce the law at all times, and Jay, an angry Traffic Officer who loves his job, being the perfect outlet for his anger and frustrations. Coming both from a place of despair and loneliness, Jay and Claire meet and engage in a tumultuous relationship which will eventually teach them that love can spread redemption.

A turbulent and intriguing love story between two parking officers in the city of Los Angeles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maliq M (au) wrote: A touching story which is well narrated & wonderfully acted. Enjoyed the pace.

Vincent P (gb) wrote: Cloris Leachman's zany sister to Betty White's character from the first Lake Placid saves this from being a total bust... but it's still not very good.

Josh R (gb) wrote: The subject of this documentary is very interesting and at the same time super controversial. This isn't something you're going to hear about every day at the water cooler. Story was told pretty well but I was getting the impression throughout most of the first half hour or so of it they were just beating around the bush. The presentation of it is a bit much. It looks very good and is pleasing to the eye but the over used slow motion scenes and other techniques gives it a drawn out feeling.

Sean S (es) wrote: Fun to see on a lazy day

Mike B (fr) wrote: I didn't make it all the way through. The directing was just not my style, the writing was mediocre, and the half hour that I watched was very slow moving.

Briana H (us) wrote: I almost puked twice and couldn't watch the paper cut bit for the life of me. Fucking amazing for what it is.

Oscar P (nl) wrote: Great movie for a great Diva!

Doctor S (ag) wrote: Slick but unapologetically manipulative while losing credibility by the minute towards the end. Female lawyers were in high fashion during the Ally McBeal era, and here we get a crafty Ashley Judd sporting a variety of bad Marcia Clark hairdos. Her performance is a good one though, while Amanda Peet seizes the opening provided by Judd's lousy locks as top hottie, and Morgan Freeman steals every scene as a has-been military counsel. I was enjoying myself with a lenient attitude of acceptance, but High Crimes couldn't even behave itself within that loose criteria. Overplayed red herrings, people suddenly appearing to save the day in a different city (and in one case a different country!), and a "surprise" ending that finalizes the exasperation. Too bad because I was ready to give a recommendation at the halfway point, but it lamentably loses a full star from there on.

Private U (nl) wrote: Are you gonna be the one to tell THE DRAGON that its one too many sequels? Didn't think so.

Greg W (kr) wrote: yea dudikoff is back

Mathieu P (es) wrote: Pas un chef-d'oeuvre, mais j'y suis sentimentalement attache a celui-la... Je l'ai vu, vu et revu et je m'en lasse pas. L'anecdote du geek ? Premier film de Sergio Leone, avec Terence Hill et Bud Spencer dans les figurants ! Tout simplement grandiose !

Michael G (au) wrote: Beat the Devil is too comedy to be an adventure movie and too much of an adventure movie to be a comedy. You'd think getting John Huston & Humphrey Bogart (and Peter Lorre, too!) together again would be a great thing but the more I see of Bogart's filmography from the 50s, the more I realize that it just wasn't his decade. Beat the Devil is just a collection of unrealized possibilities. A great con picture that never happened, a great heist picture that could've been and what in the hell could possibly possess a man to choose Jennifer Jones over Gina Lollobrigida? Beyond that you're just in for some nice scenery (Lollobrigida included) and a mess hiding behind the guise of amusement at the end.

Veronique K (fr) wrote: all this, and heaven too" is a tear-jerking over sentimentalized vehicle of miss bette davis, intended to showcase miss davis' caliber of benevolent characters instead of her trademarked roles as malevolent shrews like "little foxes", "jazebel" and "whatever happened to baby jane."..except the acting, everything about "all this, and heaven too" flops into a hygienized version of "jane eyre" without a bit of gothic allure, a tale of a prim governess' suppressed crush on her empolyer. davis plays an idealistic young woman who comes to france serving an aristocratic family led by charles boyer, and she spreads warmth of love to his children that draws the bitter jealousy of the loveless wife(babara o'nell) who goes insane at any moment when the aristocrat endears the governess. then the fanatic wife gets rid of the governess then revenges her by not granting a letter of reference. eventually the aristocrat slaughters his wife in a fit of enormous rage. the simmering romance between boyer and davis is like a smoldered stewed dish without emanation so it just stales with exceeding melodramaticity. the best moment in the flick would probably be the second charles boyer strikes barbara o'nell. and the children seem unpleasant with their galling sweetness, escpecially their pretentious french accent." "all this, and heaven too" is a so-called woman's movie(or chic flick), but it all depends on whether you term womanhood as oppressive passion sealed under the conduction of puritanical virtues. perhaps an explosion would be more aggreeable than masochistic feminity.

Tatsuhito K (kr) wrote: A well-crafted and solidly acted Western.

John R (jp) wrote: Excellent directing, excellent acting. Hands down a great metaphor for life and baseball is that medium here.