Explicit Ills

Explicit Ills

The film follows four inter-connecting stories revolving around love, drugs and poverty in Philadelphia

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:robbery,   ambulance,   boy,  

A drama of four interconnecting stories revolving around love, drugs and poverty in Philadelphia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer O (nl) wrote: Sick but ultimately stupid film about a young woman obsessed with her own father. It's one of those films which you watch because you can't believe what you're seeing. I kept asking myself if it could get any worse and the answer was yes, yes, and yes. Not only do we have the story of the girl who wants to screw her dad, there is also the subplot of his new girlfriend and her topless boxing sister. Yes, this film has it all folks. Girl with incest on her mind, dad who halfway wants to do her, girlfriend who knows something creepy is going on, and her saggy boobed sister who fights other saggy boobed women while topless. WOOT! No sex actually takes place, but girl tries to seduce her dad my asking him to give her a breast exam. He complies. Nice boobs by the way. She later tries to seduce the handyman (or whatever the guy) is on her dad's bed and you see a bit of crotch. Very exciting I'm sure. He turns her down and she is upset. Throws herself on dad's bed to sniff his manly aroma. Or something. I don't know. We have some female fighting between psycho incest girl and saggy boobed sister and it mercifully ends a few minutes later. Why am I spoiling this? Cause it deserves to be spoiled. And ripped to pieces. And burned. :rotten: It's a Canadian flick. I blame Lawn.

Richard M (au) wrote: I have the trilogy on DVD having read the books. Although a very good set of films they are, as is almost always the case, not as good as the books

Bhntx B (mx) wrote: Low budget film with a big heart. Cute story, and not all about buff bodies and anonymous sex

Russ B (kr) wrote: 3/13/2017: An ok family movie, but not many funny moments.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Was a little slow to get going....

Alexander C (fr) wrote: One of 2002's most underrated films, Brown Sugar offers more than you'd expect from a conventional romantic comedy.

Nancy P (ru) wrote: Such a sweet film - so romantic and fun - Loved It!

Matt R (fr) wrote: Tender yet funny small town coming-of-age story with a terrific cast. What happened to Sexton?

Bruno V (fr) wrote: It involves a serial-killer so Always a half star extra ....Liked Bruce and the fact the Killer is now after his ex-girlfriends ! Good One ! SOMBLUR

Andrew D (kr) wrote: It was nice to see Oldman and Hopper in the same movie. A graphic look at the abuse that took place, based on true events.

Ilaria R (au) wrote: Pressa per anatre??!!?? LOL!!

Jochen W (fr) wrote: Jacques Demys buntester Film ist gleichzeitig sein dunkelster. In grellsten Farben zeichnet Demy eine Mrchenwelt von beeindruckend verstrender Derangiertheit und legt so, aller Stilisierung zum Trotz fast ein cin (C)ma d (C)senchant (C)e, die Abgr 1/4ndigkeit unter dem Mrchenhaften frei.

Stacy B (kr) wrote: Don't care for 'old' movies; but, it was 'cute'.

Mia L (us) wrote: Masterpiece. A dream. Scott's highlight with Alien.

Chantale F (ca) wrote: This has been a favourite of mine since it came out back in 1985 :) I have seen this movie so many times that I know every word by heart