Jason Davis is a reporter who gets an anonymous tip that turns him into an eyewitness to a judge's murder.

Jason Davis is a reporter who gets an anonymous tip that turns him into an eyewitness to a judge's murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James V (ca) wrote: Hillarious. I went to school in Canada with every character depicted in this movie.

Ben H (es) wrote: As this was Brittany Murphy's last movie and I am sorry to say that I have no positive feedback, out of respect for her I will leave it at that.

jay p (nl) wrote: Great movie. A must watch for everyone.

Wael H (fr) wrote: this movie r gonna make u puke

Johnson C (mx) wrote: Compared to Birdman, & Wrestler, this movie tells the story of how an outdated performer would face their lives. By the way, everyone gets old, and am I got the ambitions to return to the "stage" of life?The magic and the punch are funny enough, although it seems to be a stable and well calculated "encourage style" movie.

Ben M (de) wrote: a sweet little film that tackles many different and difficult subjects; like the repatriation of German prisoners of war from the Soviet Union; like the obsession of men and boys are like for World Cup football; like the strained relationships between a father and son; like the difficulty of being a single female in the emerging societies of post-war Europe. Well shot, well scripted and well acted. A good example of the emergence of the German cinema.

Garrett W (fr) wrote: It just sucked... It just friggin sucked

Lady D (nl) wrote: The dazzling talents of Jane Horrocks, the wonderful performance from Brenda Blethyn and the sleezy, yet comical role for Michael Caine, make for an entertaining, original idea of a film. Talent versus performance for this shrinking violet, who's ambition is every body eles bar her own.

Igor A (ag) wrote: odlicen film spored knigata na Stephen King

Alexander P (kr) wrote: not a bad film shame its not completed by one vision but a mix of directors and you can tell the difference - decent plot and action

Bill F (de) wrote: This movie is freaking hilarious!! I recommendit

Robert I (ca) wrote: I LOVE the cartoon show... But I just can't love this film.

Jackson M (de) wrote: I was surprised how good this movie was

James C (mx) wrote: An appropriate final film for Hitchcock.

Christopher S (ru) wrote: Superior Hammer effort is a B-movie gothic melodrama of the highest order, thanks to a tight script and spirited performances from a cast of great character actors, including horror icon Ingrid Pitt and a scenery-chewing Nigel Green. Director Peter Sasdy effectively keeps the action moving, keeping it from descending into another stodgy costume piece. A must for fans of Hammer horror.

Piers C (de) wrote: Arbitrary, sometimes silly and overdone way to show what is wrong with the war on drugs.

Wyatt B (es) wrote: An inspirational movie that shows you can accomplish anything with a great performance by Kurt Russell.