After witnessing a miracle, a young Latina woman experiences strange things as a police detective searches for the truth behind his partner's death.

The movie follows Scott Galban, a police detective, as he investigates the truth behind his partner's death while a young unlikely Latina woman experiences strange things after witnessing a miracle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erika K (us) wrote: I wish it wasn't so, but, yes, this is probably a good description of the things that go on in schools today...

Dave R (ru) wrote: Well they all did some amazing surfing for sure it was pretty good movie as the first one I'd say it was well done and the places they went were pretty beautiful as well.

Nik B (de) wrote: Predictable storyline. First fashion, then jail, go Bhandarkar, we want to see hospital, circus, etc next.

Wesley G (fr) wrote: Yes, it may be a rehash of the first film, but this one is just as good. Although shorter, it jumps right into the story and keeps plugging away to the end. I was disappointed to see Sonny Landham die off very close to the end after exhibiting the tough guy qualities more than anyone else in the Dirty Dozen. Still not a bad watch, and surprised that this was a made-for-tv film (which is why its in full screen, sad day).

Marito R (kr) wrote: Such of cute Comedy!

Andy S (ca) wrote: Probably the weakest Thin Man, but enjoyable.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: You know me, tramp of the universe.A son returns home to help his sickly mother tend her shop. They don't exactly have a loving and caring relationship and are constantly taking barbs at each other. As the mother gets sicker and money gets shorter, the two consider turning to crime to make ends meet. The mother tries to talk her son out of his bad ideas, but eventually time may cause for desperate acts..."I wonder what the weatherman calls for tomorrow.""Probably rain, followed by suicide in bed."Clifford Odets, director of The Story on Page One, delivers None But the Lonely Heart in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is very interesting and intricate. The characters are very well written and I loved the script. The acting is also first rate and the cast includes Cary Grant, Ethel Barrymore, Barry Fitzgerald, Jane Wyatt, and June Duprez."I'll sink you worse than any Titanic."I DVR'd this picture off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) during a Cary Grant marathon. Grant is one of my all time favorite actors and I was excited to see this picture. I will say this isn't his best movie, as the plot may not be as compelling as some of his work, but his character is very dynamic and unpredictable. I strongly recommend seeing this gem."Life is a piece of meat when you know how."Grade: B

Brendan R (ag) wrote: The film tells the story of a couple army operatives and their valet (why would you bring a valet on a military mission?) who crash land on a mysterious island while looking for a missing admiral. After they land, they discover that the island is inhabited by an Austrian ex-pat doctor with an army of servants who?re distinctly zombie-like. It?s a pretty amusing movie, with the solid writing and acting characteristic of b-movies of the era. Some thoughts: * Clearly the best part of the film is Mantan Moreland, the beloved character actor from innumerable 1930s and 1940s films. He?s got an hilarious physical presence, jittering and skittering in the tradition of the cowardly sidekick like Costello or Shaggy/Scooby. He gets all the best laugh lines, and is the only one who gets funny scenes. The best bit is his banter with the scullery maid, who offers him lots to eat and trades barbs with equal wit. * Of course, the worst part of the film is the grotesque stereotypical part given to Mantan Moreland, who plays ?Jeff,? the loyal valet. A continuation of the minstrel tradition, Moreland speaks with the exaggerated slang typical of such characters and lives out all the worst stereotypes of behavior. As an educated, hyper-conscious white man I found myself cringing at these elements as I laughed at the humor, and then cringing that I?d laughed. The inextricability between the human elements of Jeff and the racially loaded elements coming from the history of minstrelry and American theater make the film challenging to watch. * King of the Zombies uses the voodoo zombie, but combines it with the villainy of Nazi Germany, turning the ex-pat Austrian into an intelligence agent for the third reich. He combines hypnotism with voodoo (by way of a native priestess) to control his zombies, though it?s unclear why he has a big army of zombies. There?s also an unexplained niece who hates him but doesn?t seem to be able to do anything about it.It?s worth watching if you like older zombie movies, and complicated humor steeped in traditions of racial tension. You can watch it on the Internet Archive if you like.

Paxton A (jp) wrote: Some of Harryhausen's best stop-motion. Gotta love that Kracken.

Denise P (jp) wrote: A cozy, nostalgic and masterfully suspenseful installment in the soon-to-be-reckoned-with horror genre, Psycho is undoubtedly memorable for its well-edited shower scene and shocking twist, but what makes it endure as an everlasting classic is Anthony Perkins and his boyish charm in the role of the the self-titled psychopath.

Terry M (us) wrote: If you've seen Hostel, don't waste your time. Almost the same premise but not as well executed.

Joe M (mx) wrote: The sobering and inspiring story of the 1970 Marshall football tragedy and the 1971 season. McConaughey does a good job as the eclectic coach Jack Lengyel. The best thing about this film is that Marshall overcomes their struggles but doesn't immediately achieve success. 2/2/14 - Home