A photographer's life becomes dangerous when one of his models is murdered.

A photographer's life becomes dangerous when one of his models is murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Exposure torrent reviews

Samuel P (de) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. I found myself rolling my eyes and laughing at the terrible acting and dialogue.

Charlie L (br) wrote: A slow, dull mess of a film which fails spectacularly.

Sai S (it) wrote: Apart from the fact that the jokes/sensuality seemed to go too far, it was almost a really good movie.

Luke R (jp) wrote: After a sluggish start, this movie comes into its own around the half way mark and actually turns into a pretty good investment of your time.Of course, Don Cheadle is very, very good - and consolidates his position in my list of favourite actors. Everything he does seems believable, even here as 'Samir Horn' - a suspected terrorist who appears conflicted as to which side he is fighting for. Needless to say, his performance is outstanding.Guy Pearce is solid, if not a touch on the bland side as your typical FBI agent. Not a whole lot of emotions on display, but it is a respectable enough performance for Pearce to expect further upcoming roles. I happen to be a fan of Pearce, so I hope this is the case.At its conclusion, whilst I picked one or two of the twists - it was still an interesting climax and overall, I would rate this movie a solid 3.5 stars.I'd recommend this film, especially if you're into the spy/terrorism type of drama.

Shaun B (ru) wrote: Benigni is surely no Peter Sellers. Not even close.

Tim M (kr) wrote: An outstanding end to the classic Trek era.

Jeremy N (au) wrote: A pretty dull 'thriller' that's only worth watching if you want to see Baywatch's Alexandra Paul naked.

Brian G (nl) wrote: A nice movie about if you have no talent you're probably going to fail at life and even if you have talent you could screw the moose royally still, because that's how life works. But the acting is great, love the story, it is a kind and oftentimes horrific reminder that even when you're on top of your game shit can and does happen and sometimes chaos rules all.

Greg S (ag) wrote: Italian filmmakers travel back in time to make a scathing documentary about slavery in the American South. With underage rape, teeth knocked out for force feeding, mass enemas, massacres of both blacks and whites, bizarre comedy routines, and characters speaking lines from actual pro-slavery texts of the 1800s, this experiment from the makers of MONDO CANE is a baffling mix of tasteless exploitation and biting satire.

jay n (nl) wrote: Charming comedy of millionaire Charles Coburn checking out family of a lost love and innocently wrecking havoc in their lives. He is really the whole show but the sets and costumes are pretty and the rest of the cast engaging even if they are given nothing to do. This is typical of the type of role Piper Laurie was wasted in before getting a chance to show what a fine actress she is.

Dan G (jp) wrote: Powell ain't no Bogie, but it's a fine Marlowe noir, for certain.

Sheridan P (nl) wrote: This film is raw and basic - which is how the main character is. He is a simple guy going through all the emotions about war.....what is fair, what isn't, how to handle it - fight or love, etc. There are cliches (eg great white American steams in to help where even the locals can't/won't), but its the same old bottom line message in the end. Why are we fighting, why do we hurt our children, how can we possibly be so cruel? I don't think anyone knows.