Extemporal la dirigentie

Extemporal la dirigentie


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Extemporal la dirigentie torrent reviews

Aaron D (ag) wrote: Unpredictable. Will take you to the untold reality of Philippine politics. Best Filipino Suspense/ Action film I've ever seen.

Jim L (ca) wrote: It is easy to forget what happened in the 80's and 90's when we discovered AIDS. The heroic actions and leadership that was displayed by some very important people in our lives are brought to the big screen in this touching documentary.

Nick A (gb) wrote: Its premise isn't particularly original, but its execution is a slight marvel, taking the teen superhero dream to disturbingly dark places never explored before in American cinema -- and taking them there with sure-handed yet unassuming confidence.

Aurelia V (es) wrote: Speechless...best one!!

Kendra K (us) wrote: One of the saddest films about poor children I have ever seen, I had to cry at the end of it.

Creme F (ag) wrote: One of the most shocking documentaries I've ever seen.

Jose O (kr) wrote: One of the first films to deal with AIDS and gay relationships in a mature way. Unmissable

Jody W (it) wrote: afwul....waste of money and talent...terrible

Rory P (jp) wrote: Tarr (in a rare move) expertly uses color to enhance perhaps one of the greatest examples of mis-en-scene I've ever seen.

Sean W (jp) wrote: The movie starts out decent enough but it all becomes very implausible very quick. Neil Simon was more interested in writing dialog that pops than a story that works. Still, the two leads do a commendable job and the movie is pretty enjoyable, despite a superfluous last scene.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Kevin F (kr) wrote: Empty life of a politician laid bare

Sherrill F (fr) wrote: Probably my favorite movie about love (but not a love story). Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have the most charming relationship and chemistry. The movie is delightful even when it punches you in the gut with reality (although it's hard to imagine anyone not loving Tomin reality). It's one I can rewatch and laugh and sigh over the highs and lows of trying to find "the one."

Thomas K (mx) wrote: Baseball season arrives and I absolutely must see this film. Kevin Costner gives what was his first wide awake star performance and his chemistry with Susan Sarandon is off the hook. Tim Robbins is endearing. Finally, first time director and scriptwriter brings all of his experiences in minor league baseball to this charmer. There is no better film about the beautiful game.

Tim W (gb) wrote: It really loses its magic when we know movies are so very fake. If it was a live performance sure but its just too easy. Kind of boring, Catch Me If You Can meets Oceans 11 meets The Illusionist. Cardboard cutout characters. Kind of neat but I'm not sure what the tone was supposed to be. Ending was too long. I already forgot it.