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Extended Play

Poor Tasos and was so young! But also very jealous. A defect that ultimately cost him his own life as during his last jealousy crisis for of his beautiful girlfriend Alice, he will fall victim of a traffic accident. Archangels will sympathize with him, granting him another five invisible, on land, minutes, where he will have the opportunity to touch his favorite - and not - persons and to intervene in their lives.

Tasos dies in a car accident, but he is given five more minutes of life to use them as he wishes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (mx) wrote: 170209: "Hey, how was jail? Did you shank anyone?" F**k me. Laughed out loud. Really. Love this film. Love it. Fantastic characters. A hidden gem.

Lilly M (ca) wrote: it was much better than i was expecting (and i was expecting it to be good).

Zach A (nl) wrote: Awsome movie one of my favorites its a must see

Erin S (gb) wrote: Kind of cheesy and fairly typical for a romantic comedy, but I had a good time watching it. It's a nice, sweet, feel-good movie.

Emma S (ca) wrote: I must say I got somewhat bored...

Mickey M (nl) wrote: "Jonathan" (Anthony Edwards) is a college student with an unusual hobby. He plays an unusual game with classmates where they hunt each other down around campus, and shoot their target with paintball guns. It's time for vacation, and he and his friend, the womanizing "Manolo" (Nick Corri), go to France for a trip. While there, "Anthony" meets a very beautiful, older woman named "Sasha" (Linda Fiorentino) at a French cafe. The two become a couple, after she easily seduces the inexperienced college student. After a few days, she takes him to East Berlin after he cancels the rest of his planned trip with "Manolo". "Sasha" finally tells him that she is a courier who has to take a package to communist Berlin. However, something goes wrong with the delivery and "Jonathan" goes back to East Berlin by himself. Eventually, "Anthony" learns that things in "Sasha's" job is a heck of a lot more complicated when a group of Russians begin to follow him and even try to kill him in attempt to get an item he has no clue that he is carrying what they want. Now, he has to ditch the Russians, get the item to the proper authorities, in this case, the CIA, and find out the truth behind "Sasha" and her disappearance. OK, let me say first that "Anthony" is no "James Bond," and this is certainly not a "Bond" movie. It has a little suspense, some gun action, no car chases and no impressive explosions. I only felt fair chemistry between Edwards and Fiorentino. They aren't great as an on screen couple before and after you learn that "Sasha" is only using "Anthony" for a reason that isn't too clearly defined unless you see her slip something into his always present backpack. Another thing that isn't really defined well is tho the Russians work for, but "Anthony" believes they are KGB. The supporting cast is a little weak. "Anthony's" parents are typical 1980's movie parents who always worry that their child has gotten into drugs. And "Marcolo" is only there to pick up a beautiful blond in France, and show up to help his friend when the Russians find him back home in Los Angeles. For a spy movie movie, the action is quite weak. "Sasha" is never seen with any kind of weapon, which you would think she would have considering her apparent job. The Russians are always one step behind "Anthony", who never gets a chance to even save the woman he thinks he loves from them because she goes missing when they target him for the item he doesn't even know he has. There are no big explosions, no action-packed escapes from the villains and no amazing gun battles. We also never get to find out what information is on the item "Anthony" is carrying. Even if they only have fair chemistry together, Edwards and Fiorentino are pretty good in their roles. Edwards plays "Anthony" as naive due to his young age, while Fiorentino plays "Sasha," which turns out to a role itself, with mystery -- even when she is meeting with her contacts. Other characters are either not on camera too long to even worth mentioning or are typical villains looking for their item. I can only recommend this when you see it on television and there really isn't anything else on. It's not perfect, but it's not a disaster either.

Scott J (br) wrote: Although no one involved with it would admit it, this is a Giallo done by an A-list director and actor.

Andres G (ag) wrote: Master work by Juan Antonio Bardem.It resembles the suspense movies from that time in Hollywood. Really well done and superb cast.

Jose A (fr) wrote: the second part of "The Robe" this is very nice

Charlie G (jp) wrote: Good action and stunts. Good story.

Liam B (us) wrote: One of my all time favourites

Greg W (ru) wrote: the one that started it all