Extinction Number Six

Extinction Number Six

An eccentric narrator's quixotic search for the material traces of Java's colonial, mystical, and paleontological past. A journey haunted in equal measure by the 1815 eruption of Mount ...

An eccentric narrator's quixotic search for the material traces of Java's colonial, mystical, and paleontological past. A journey haunted in equal measure by the 1815 eruption of Mount ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anne P (kr) wrote: It showed the truth of being in the modelling industry. Wouldn't watch again.

Sushil B (nl) wrote: seems like the movie tries to be many things at once, a bit typsy, a bit hilarious, a bit artistic, a bit sarcastic and a bit or reality. I enjoyed it overall.

Geoff T (jp) wrote: Ugh... What on Earth was this movie? I have never been so angry, so upset, so lost since.. Well... Mostly the Human Centipede. I hate to say it but nobody did anything right in this movie. There is just nothing. -The cast was such a let down that I feel as though they were told that the movie would be a joke and that nobody should try and act.-The directing was W T F. You can give me a camera and I will guarantee that I will put together a half way decent movie about nothing that will be more interesting than 1 hour 25 minutes of this.-The action was fake.-The scenes were fake.-The premise was fake.-The reality was absent and therefore fake.FAKEI'm sorry Wesley Snipes.. Why did you do this? WHY?! I'm just really confused about what I watched, it's not even a matter of being genuinely angry just lost. Don't spend the money on this. I can't find a single reason to even recommend it which makes me shed a tear for the amazing job he did in the Blade Trilogy. 1 never reloaded star out of 5.

scott g (au) wrote: A doc that focuses on japans onsession with insects, here we get a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people fasination with insects as pets to the industry itself and the people whom make money catching these creatures, its all loosely told more visual than hard facts. it comes off great at times. seeiong the industry created through this is fun to see. and the doc overall shows a japan of today while delving into its past to compare. a interesting doc that certainly wont be for everyone,m and a cover and tile is no monster movie.

Andrea L (de) wrote: It's always interesting to see a Sarah Waters' novel adapted for film. This one is a bit different than the others (Fingersmith, Tipping the Velvet) but if I tell you why I will spoil the show. For me having read the novel before watching the film was disastrous. Interesting though.

Nasheet R (br) wrote: anyone watched it yet?

Fari B (it) wrote: A good insight into an Iran we are not familiar with. Some protests from Iranians about issues of representation but notwithstanding a worthwhile film.

Clay O (br) wrote: Why has this movie been rated so low? I'm guessing it is because it deals with issues which most folks cannot bear to contemplate. I loved it for the issues it exposed and the acting.

Sgt C (us) wrote: (54%)decent entry into Van-Damme's strait-to-video movies, with a genuinely good sci-fi premise, as well as decent action sequences that are solidly done, especially given the quite low budget. It may lack a little big budget sheen, but the two leads (Rooker and Van-Damme) give a "can be bothered" performance which is something you don't often see in this end of the film industry.

Donald M (jp) wrote: a telling story of islamic justice. granted, the english should not have been there in the first place, but the 100% slaughter of the garrison says it all.

Shaun B (ru) wrote: A good movie to have on in the background and for nothing more. Notable as the first production by B-movie icon Roger Corman and little else.

Zachary Y (ca) wrote: Could've been great with Paul Schrader and cinematographer's original vision, but was unfortunately recut by the studio and hired editors to be quickly churned out as an action-thriller.

Maggie B (ag) wrote: Visually stunning at times and conceptually intriguing in its entirety, but how can one expect less from Herzog? Such a great take on the Vampyre tales.

Pavan R (it) wrote: An average...scary at times thriller !!!