A former CIA operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorists. When his son learns there is no plan for his father to be saved, he launches his own rescue operation.

Harry Turner works for the CIA like his father Leonard. He wants to do fieldwork but he's constantly being denied. He is stationed in Prague and his father's good friend keeps an eye on him. Later they receive word that Leonard, who was in New Jersey making sure a piece of hardware called Condor arrives, that Leonard and the Condor's been taken. The Director tries to find it and Harry wants to help but won't let him. So he bolts and goes to New Jersey. The director decides to let one of their agents who is Harry's ex to find Leonard and the Condor. She was also told to find Harry and send him back to Prague. But when she finds him, he convinces her to let him find his father and the Condor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Extraction torrent reviews

Sidney H (fr) wrote: this movie was very uncomfortable to watch.

Julien A (jp) wrote: Pas grand chose a sauver de ce scenario tellement dans le second degre, qu'il en oublie le 1er!C'est poussif, long et completement artificiel. Reste la belle energie de Sandrine Kiberlain, impeccable comme souvent.

Uneshddarann N (jp) wrote: Surya, novel idea & core story, bright radiant colors and several highlight scenes are the contributing aspects of the movie. It was extremely let down by a distorted screenplay, weak visual effect graphics, unnecessary song addition, illogical side stories and loopholes which made the movie a one-time watch only. It was very disappointing to receive such a product from the director who brought us entertainers like Ayan & Ko.

Tanner E (es) wrote: Shock value, shock value, and more shock value. Gagged a few times and was just ready for it to finish.

Geni H (br) wrote: Not what I expected, but great nonetheless!

Paul C (de) wrote: At first I didn't really enjoy this film. But I started to find myself very interested in this guys interesting, yet crazy life. Caveh Zahedi had a serious yet funny way to describe his sex addiction to prostitutes. At first you think that you do not want to know about this, but then you do. It is strange how sex and religion played a part in Zahedi's problem. This is a interesting film.

Matt G (de) wrote: It's a cracking little comedy, but rather British in its sensibilities.

Autumn H (kr) wrote: I saw this movie based on the actors and actresses that play in it and I must say seeing sexy man Brad Pitt play this dark, evil, and monstrous character is surprising. You almost feel sorry for Early because you don't know what his past was like and you feel extremely sorry for Adele for being so...... ignorant. I say if you like thrillers and suspense watch this movie.

Peter M (gb) wrote: This is a bizarre and entertaining flick. It isn??t that violent, compared to Reservoir Dogs or Kill Bill and it doesn??t appal like The Deer Hunter. It isn??t particularly sensuous but there is sex and nudity. It is weird. One of the funniest elements is the music and the way it obliquely contributes to the film. Lots of fun and worth watching for the oddness of it all.

Dan H (ru) wrote: I wasn't expecting much but it was actually really good, defiantly worth a watch

Annie C (ag) wrote: "We're all wrong for someone."