Five friends set out to a cabin in the woods for a fun weekend getaway that is, until extraterrestrial visitors turn it into a fight for their lives. The group is pulled from their reverie when a flickering object crashes deep in the woods. As they investigate, the friends stumble across an alien spacecraft, and its inhabitants have not arrived in peace.

As the group settles into the secluded location, they discover that a UFO has crashed nearby and that they are being observed by one of the craft';s survivors. They end up attacking and killing the alien, which prompts a series of counterattacks by its crew mates. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Extraterrestrial torrent reviews

Jim P (es) wrote: A remarkable movie, and a thriller in the best sense of the word. Everything is should be, nothing it should not be. Lean, focused, tense, and emotional.

Geoff J (ru) wrote: Only in the last 20 minutes or so does this thriller become the taut, vicious film some have labelled. Up to that point, it's a fairly involving drama, one however where the central romance is simply ludicrous.

Simon G (es) wrote: Chronicles a week of the 1994 Rwandan Hutu-led genocide against the Tutsi. A Priest (Hurt) and teacher (Dancy) - a long with a detachment of Belgian UN peacekeepers - working in a Catholic school shelter Tutsi refugees when violence broke out in April of 1994. This is thematically similar to Hotel Rwanda but where that film had the usual Hollywood stylings/conventions, Shooting Dogs (a joint BBC and UK Film Council production) has a more authentic feel to it. Although both films do fall into the trap of the righteous indignation of non-Rwandan onlookers. The ending does elevate the film slightly due to its unwillingness to neatly conclude or explain away what we've witnessed over the previous 2 hours; the ambiguity of the final scene representing the ambiguity of how such a heinous massacre could have occurred.

Jon N (it) wrote: Plan on watching this one twice. Ribisi shined, but actors usually do when they are basically playing themselves. I felt Goldberg could have left more on the cutting room floor, but have to give him an A+ on his cinematic eye.

Fenwick O (de) wrote: This film includes one of the greatest beatings ever seen in movie history. Tony Franciosa lays a vicious whipping on Antonio Fargas, aka Huggy Bear in a Harlem nightclub. Awesome! Try to see the un-edited version! Edited one sucks.

Burnie v (kr) wrote: One of the funniest movies from the Thirties. The slapstick is still easy to appreciate and it's another good opportunity to laugh at the Irish.

Love M (nl) wrote: A low budget horror but i fairly enjoyed it. The script is recycled and the monster isn't original but the acting was surprisingly good compared to most low budget horrors!

Joseph W (ru) wrote: blending the superhero and the Cold War is a great idea, and all that credit goes to the writer Darwin Cooke. This is up there in the top five best cold war movies