Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder

A reclusive surveillance expert is hired to spy on a mysterious blackmailer, who just may be a serial killer.

A private eye shadows a female serial killer of men all over the U.S. without her knowing as he, strangely enough, occasionally acts as her guardian angel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eye of the Beholder torrent reviews

Peter T (gb) wrote: Dark, sick, and funny!!

Jilie L (de) wrote: i like this movie..it's about interracial relationship, and meet the parents..good comedy..

Ruhul R (br) wrote: everything 4 money,then love!!!!!

Michael H (de) wrote: "Firestarter?? would be easier to watch were it not for the cartoonish performances that adds an inadvertent camp value to the attempted melodrama. Even George C. Scott who plays the maniacal John bursts with goofy anger and emotional fervor that can induce some reluctant giggles on occasion. Everyone here tries to convey the severity of the situation so drastically that they all take a collective chunk of the scenery. In spite of the over the top performances, ??Firestarter?? is still an exciting and dazzling science fiction thriller steeped in the supernatural and filled with overtones that will provoke conversations from observant audiences. While no means a masterpiece, it??s a Stephen King film worthy of viewing once or twice.

Jesse D (kr) wrote: The Coen brothers have a magical touch for mixing humor into dark themes. It's gripping from beginning to end, and Frances McDormand turns in an Oscar-winning performance for her folksy role as chief detective, Marge Gunderson.

Joshua G (ca) wrote: Fascinating. Such an original film-maker. Fans of "Contagion" will enjoy this more intimate, exploration on paranoia & illness. Julianne Moore is divine.