Eye of the Leopard

Eye of the Leopard

Eye Of The Leopard, is a 2006 nature documentary film by National Geographic Channel that shows the journey, life, and growth of a young leopard cub named Legadema.

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Shawn O (br) wrote: Not a bad film overall, just really tired of DC universe movies that seem like a superhero wandered into an episode of Aeon Flux.

John K (de) wrote: A very good movie for only being an hour long. Can't wait to see it again!

Alf R (kr) wrote: In the first place, i was thinking that this movie is way too big for me. It explores what art really is, and i knew nothing about art. But then looking back to the opening scene which was described in an animated prologue explaining Archilles, the fastest humankind in pursuing Tortoise. It's just simple philosophy. Clearly, this movie is its literally art .Portraying a life of Machisu Kuramasu since he was a child until middle-age who kept fascinated by art. He's translated his own life into a drawing. I've been offered for some absurdity thing that Kuramasu arrange in order to make its originality painting. Some people might consider this as a (black) humor, while i stuck in the middle of laugh and cry.This is the first Kitano's film that i watch. And must admit that i'm extremely enjoy the picture. The ending scene genuinely sum it up and succesfully jerk my tears. Oh, F*ck!

Robert B (it) wrote: Red Road (Andrea Arnold, 2006)On one hand, Red Road?a movie about a woman who becomes obsessed with revenge and goes undercover to deliver some vigilante justice?is a film you've seen a thousand times. On the other hand, while there isn't anything in here you haven't seen before, it's the way in which Andrea Arnold puts all the pieces together that make it feel like it is, at least in part, something you have never seen before. That is the tightrope makers of genre film walk, and Arnold?helped along in her pursuit by some very big names?walks it pretty well. The end result is not perfect by any means, but given a director working on her first feature and having a lot to measure up to, Red Road is better than it has any right to be.Plot: Jackie (Outcast's Kate Dickie) is a security guard whose entire job involves watching CCTV cameras trained on the Red Road housing estate in Glasgow. She is the quintessential character with no life outside her job, and eventually we realize why when she spies a familiar face on one of her cameras. This is someone who should not be where he is at the time he is, and Jackie soon becomes obsessed with getting revenge for a long-ago act that shattered her life.Those names I mentioned? This is the first of a series of three films (the second is Morag McKinnon's 2010 effort Donkeys) proposed by Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier (Antichrist) and featuring characters created by fellow Danes Lone Scherfig (Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself) and Anders Thomas Jensen (The Green Butchers). In America, that's kind of the equivalent of Steven Spielberg calling you up and saying ?hey, I've got this collection of characters who were created by Jon Jost and Ricardo Islas, and I want you and two of your buddies to write scripts around them.? How much pressure would you be feeling? Still, while Arnold is building tension, this movie works quite well. It is a quiet thriller, but it is a thriller nonetheless, and there is a great deal to be said for Arnold's script spending time to establish the parallel between Jackie becoming obsessed with her prey and getting less socially awkward around others. Where things fall apart is when the action begins in the third act. Obviously it would be difficult to talk about how things go down without spoiler alerts, but it felt to me like a bait-and-switch. Arnold has set us up to be expecting one kind of movie and we ended up getting another. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is likely to put some viewers off. With me, the jury is still out. I liked it, albeit cautiously, and I would recommend you take a look. Go into it without expectations and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. **

Raudel S (ag) wrote: Eh... It had a few funny moments, but was only slightly better than mediocre.

LA L (ag) wrote: The musical performances and most of the acting have a lot more to offer than it's story, which -- in many parts -- lacks anything that truly stands out. Didn't seem to have enough depth. Shortly after the "I Am The Walrus" and "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!" sequences, the film and it's story begin to get rather bumpy. Anyway, wonderful visuals; imaginitive and pretty original.

Kristoffer C (mx) wrote: neve Campbell made this one work. Dame Dash didn't. An interesting film that will leave you curious...

Jocey D (ag) wrote: Great movie. Exciting courtroom drama. You are kept wondering what's going on till the end.

Gianluca B (ru) wrote: Non so perch, ma sono straordinariamente e appassionatamente affezionato a questo film.

peyton g (kr) wrote: loovvvee saved by the bell!!! its my #1 fav sho!

Simon D (kr) wrote: American indie not at it's best. Almost all of the characters were unlikeable although I have seen worse from Ryder.

Bill M (ca) wrote: Weird, twisted and mental 80's body horror/drug addiction flick. A guy wakes up with a blue turd looking parasite named Aylmer attached to his neck, who talks in a happy, upbeat game show host voice and needs to eat human brains, promising the guy a secreted hallucinogenic drug direct to his adrenal gland (that he gets hooked on) if he gets him victims. This is a brilliantly disgusting, odd film, and even a sad, tragic and clever b-movie allegory on the all consuming nature of drug addiction. Original, sick, funny and one of a kind. It also features the most shockingly unpleasant and inappropriate blow job gag ever.

Zoran S (us) wrote: Formally aimless but brilliant and entertaining. This could have been four hours and I wouldn't have been bored. There is some great music here.

Alberto A (ru) wrote: Many things I don't want in a movie came together and formed Tess. It's not a bad film, but I'm not much of epic love stories that last 3 hours. Also I found boring the time and place in which the story is set: the Victorian Era and in the countryside, with peasants working the land and milking cows, this environment is dull for me. But that's just my problem, it is not the film's problem. It is clear that this is not one of Polanski's best.

Bengel W (mx) wrote: An exquisite chronicle about a story that is so intense that the mystery of the characters and the tale itself become captivating for every second of production. Cinematography is deliciously beautiful creating an ambiance that is deeply penetrating for the eye. Actors absorb the passion and bring it out in their human spirit in front of the camera making this a must see film. Nibbles: Cornflakes.

Greg P (us) wrote: If you have Netflix, gotta see this before Jan. 1. Long live, rock 'n roll!

Julio P (kr) wrote: One if not the best film I've ever seen a true masterpiece!!!

Lucas M (br) wrote: Kevin James is a good actor and comedian. Sadly, it doesn't take much for good people to do really dumb things in bad company (aka Adam Sandler). This more childish friendly fare is bland, stupid, and a vapid waste of talent.

Heather M (nl) wrote: An interesting movie with a good cast.