Eyes Behind the Stars

Eyes Behind the Stars

A photographer and his model are on a photo shoot in a forest when they get the feeling they are being watched. The feeling becomes so strong that they decide to cut their session short and leave. Later, when they develop the photos they took, they discover what looks like alien creatures in the background.

A photographer and his model are on a photo shoot in a forest when they get the feeling they are being watched. The feeling becomes so strong that they decide to cut their session short and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diana H (au) wrote: It was good. Nice to see an all star cast in a made for tv movie that actually had a good cohesive plot.

Wiebke K (ag) wrote: Well put together documentary that not only shows this trial but how trials in Russia are run.

Priya S (ru) wrote: Some of the "incarnations" were good : ramanujam and balram naidu. But the others were either artificial or downright silly. Entertainment need not be so hard, Mr hassan. Kamal's egotistical avatar pops up often in movies and unfortunately Dasavatharam was chock full of them. Lets not even start talking about how annoying Asin was. Can Perumal give me a heads up next time I want to run to the theatre for a blockbuster ???

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Don't know what my problem was before... It's a pretty solid little slasher remake. Even it's a little cliche, it's entertaining enough.

Tim B (gb) wrote: Cut: or Not Another Scream SpoofCut tries to be like most post-Scream slashers tried to be, a spoof of the horror genre that tried to be clever by referencing other famous horror movies. Now, I am not bagging 'Scream,' as I think 'Scream' is a very good horror movie that does a great job of blending horror and comedy. Cut fails on most levels. It has its moments but overall it just does not work out, not even as a "so bad it's good" movie, just a below average one.The first five minutes or so are OK and set the story fairly well, apart from the fact that Kylie Minogue can't really act, and ironically she gets her tongue out, go figure. Go forward some time and a group of film students want to finish her film off, which is apparently cursed. And, as you have probably predicted, one by one the cast and crew are slowly picked off by a masked madman.Unoriginal plot, poor acting and a predictable ending are a few of the elements that follow. There is plenty of referencing in the film, everything from 'Scream' to 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.' This isn't smart either, it feels as though the director wanted to feel smart and cool by mentioning other famous horror flicks ala Scream. For a slasher there is minimal gore and no nudity, which is a huge negative when it comes to a slasher that has not got a whole lot going for it. Really, I should be supporting this movie because I'm Australian and we're not as good when it comes to horror (we do have our gems, though) but Cut is definitely not one of them.However, it did keep me watching for the 90 minutes or so, so that is something good at least. I would not recommend this to anyone apart from hardcore slasher fans, who may be able to appreciate what this film is trying to aim for, but if you are looking for a good movie, stay away.2/5

Giovanny C (nl) wrote: Pelcula para echar un rato vindola sin ms pretensin.Es una pelcula que empieza con el tpico recurso de cisne hermoso y bello se enamora del patito feo y tmido. Aunque, como suele tambin ocurrir, acaba el cisne por ser el pato feo y viceversa.

Alex G (ca) wrote: A funny and wickedly original comedy. More absurdist than FISH CALLED, and nowhere near as tight, but still a delight.

Ms Southern L (jp) wrote: This movie was messed up. Who ever is that stupid to kill for a guy and kill with him needs to be shot. This is a one time movie.

Jason D (nl) wrote: Adding yet another notch to the always engaging buddy cop subgenre of films, Downtown offers the unique concept of a books smart, suburban Philadelphia cop (Anthony Edwards) who is unfairly reassigned after busting a wealthy businessman (The Thing's David Clennon) with connections to the dangerous inner city precinct where he reluctantly befriends hardened black cop Forest Whitaker. The two butt heads at first understandably and even more so when they plunge into a murder case involving the death of Edwards former suburban partner, his killer and lunatic Joe Pantoliano, and Clennon, who turns out to be shady after all. Taking somewhat of a Lethal Weapon approach, the film surprisingly delivers a lot of violence and death for a buddy cop film, but still manages to throw in plenty of comically-racist jokes and jabs on both ends, though whites tend to get the most in this. Edwards and Whitaker are a good mix together, as well as the rest of the cast, save for Penelope Ann Miller (as Edwards' wife) who is pretty much in a throw-away role. Pantoliano makes for a great, creepy villain, whose comeuppance is a bit wacky but definitely a highlight of this film's violence. Decent direction from Richard Benjamin (My Stepmother is an Alien, The Money Pit). The movie was made in 1990, but still maintains that 80's feel to it. Overall, not the greatest of buddy cop films, but worth a watch if you are a fan of those types. Good stuff.

Al M (es) wrote: Nice biohazard horror flick with a cool cast. Presages 28 Days Later in some ways in its depiction of a virus that affects the rage center of the human brain. Warning Sign is perhaps outdated now that we have moved from the Cold War era to the era of the War on Terrorism, but it is still a cool indictment of the government's deception of the publilc and nice little horror film as well.

Eddy M (ag) wrote: Horrible movie, 80% political, 20% entertainment. Very disappointing from George Lucas.

Nalle M (au) wrote: Very much snow, very little beast. If you have a passion for 70's skiing fashion, this is a movie for you! if you on the other hand are looking for a good snow-monster movie, keep looking.

Greg W (au) wrote: vehicle # 2 4 fred/rita

MarieCharlotte G (us) wrote: Not that bad... it is alright to watch for free.I do not think the rating is fair.

Kent G (kr) wrote: To say this film is disjointed would be an understatement- and unfortunately, rather than a deliberate (and successful) manipulation of reality & imagination, time & space- we are just left with a confusing mess- occasionally melodramatic, and marred by sloppy direction and weak script. The performances are generally good, particularly from the younger actors, but cannot make up for the sometimes glaring directorial oversights. There is one character that is either from the psych hospital, a psychic, a ghost, or a figment of everyone's imagination- or all or none of those things- who would know? The writer/ director neglected to explain it. This film is truly aimless, and if you make it to the end, you will probably continue to feel as lost as the characters in it.

Shawn S (jp) wrote: Funny and cute with a great song.