Eyes Front

Eyes Front

Two parallel stories about man committing moral crimes against God intersect in this commentary on evil.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   violence,   blood,  

Two parallel stories about man committing moral crimes against God intersect in this commentary on evil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg R (jp) wrote: Yup. As bad as you heard. Shame on these people.

Arturo L (es) wrote: Trash the Crooks Story. Two friends, Nick and Bryce the main Characters. Bryce is accused of Rape and calls Nick for help; Nick arrives to find Rape Victim Tided, Gagged and Bruised; and both begin to argue. Story moves back four months where Nick is late for Father's Funeral and meets Les, a girl. Nick later meets with Father's Lawyer and is advised that there will be no Inheritance as a result of unpaid Income Taxes, then engages in a Love Affair with Les; takes odd jobs for what appears to be for money; then accepts a job to help move some drugs. Nick is later accused of stealing $40,000 by a large Black Man and given till Sunday to make reparations. Bryce shows up and takes Nick to a Mansion he is House Sitting; Nick starts asking questions about the value of the items in the house to make the Reparations Deadline. Later Nick and Bryce are having drinks at a bar, Les walks in and is introduced to Bryce as Kathy, Nick leaves the two alone, and the story moves back to the Hostage Situation. Nick then tells Bryce to kill Kathy/Les, Bryce agrees, then Nick tells Bryce he will do the job. Nick Pretends to kill Les/Kathy, and moves the so called Dead Body to his automobile. As he escapes the Mansion, the Auto is Hijacked by the Black Man looking for reparations, who finds Les/Kathy in the Trunk, and ties and gags her again. Nick arrives and discovers that all these happenings are a grand scheme to steal some Inheritance he was to obtain from his father and in the end, Les and Nick walk away a little bruised up. Notable Sayings: "I want a Guarantee she won't speak before I let her go," "Your not to bright are you?" "Tic Tok, the mouse ran out of time, you Mother Fucker," "You Die," "Not everything in the World revolves around Fucking," "Shut the Fuck Up," and "Times up Mother Fucker."

Stifler W (es) wrote: A classic for its time. Some badass soundtrack.

Twins S (us) wrote: 'The Naked Island' (1960)To start the review of 'Hadaka no shima' we have got to quote the director's own words Kaneto Shind (who died in 2012 at the age of 100 with his last picture made at the age of 98) "This movie was made as a 'cinematic poem' to try and capture the life of human beings struggling like ants against the forces of nature."This bold art film which falls into some sort of Japanese neorealism depicts in the most simple ways nature and life as ruthless and beautiful, a mystery where mankind is thrown into without a choice and where it's only primal instinct is to survive everyday hoping for an answer. The beauty of the film is its extreme universal approach to reality reinforced by the absence of dialogue throughout the whole picture.The film is a universal moving painting..and the characters have that fine quality that makes you love them. It's maybe difficult to watch but its extremely moving and rich in details. A cinematic and poetic Masterpiece.Merits go to the director who's devoted his life in this picture like in all his movies mostly because are biographical. This movie for example is a portrait of his real parents a backdrop to a moment in Japanese history, with its ways of living and thinking that might look old and from the past but that are basic to any modern cultures touching upon existentialism and needs of communication.Shot in the 60s in B/W This movie is perfect!

Tiago G (ag) wrote: Have you ever seen a movie backwards? If the answer is no then this is for you. Intriguing take on the noir/thriller genre with a twist to turn your head upside down and wanting for more of Nolan's psychological search for truth.