Eyyvah eyvah

Eyyvah eyvah

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:istanbul turkey,  

A clarinet player goes on a search for his real father, teaming up with an eccentric nightclub singer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josep P (fr) wrote: Tesis sobre un homicidio [2012]

Steve G (nl) wrote: A touching, beautiful movie about teenage love, sexuality and "growing up".

jen b (ca) wrote: i quite enjoyed it!!

Becky T (ca) wrote: Exciting and interesting, with great build up and acting.

Ahmed M (es) wrote: Just like its predecessor, this movie is boring, only a few jokes are worth laughing. Also, this sequel is completely pointless, other then an attempt to make more money off of the similar name of the original movie.

Joan Pau R (jp) wrote: Excellent Black and White visuals for a beautiful graphic novel effect, with good quality motion capture experimentation that nevertheless seems to postdate Gollum, all at the service of a dystopian Paris noir. Very much modelled on Blade Runner, the story is fine but not surprising, and the main characters just a little too naive to make the story fully engaging. The French voices if you can get them are better than the English, but in any case I advise watching with subtitles. Some serious violence, but no nudity worth talking about.

Alex K (ag) wrote: Boring only the ending is good

Sylvester K (ru) wrote: A Japanese giallo about a group of TV crew investigating an abandoned factory after receiving a snuff film, mysterious stranger kills them off one by one. I appreciated the style and twists Ishii has used, but the acting was terrible, it was as if all the "professional" film crew were high schoolers. The grainy, sepia setting was effectively used, the special effects were superb. I could see a lot of reference to Argento's works (electronic music during chasing scenes, insects, brief appearances of the killer, etc). This low budget slasher still has plenty of shock values even till this day. Despite starting off quite well, it slowly descended into boredom with no one to kill. It may be a good practice to just watch the first forty minutes and turn it off.

Kym R (gb) wrote: It was a good movie with tons of real good actors.silly..

Brian T (ca) wrote: Little known film from the early 70's that deserves some recognition. I had been looking for this film for years after seeing it late one night on television back in the 80's. For years it left an impression on me and I was pleased to have finally found it on dvd. Based on the last Jules Verne novel to be published during his lifetime, it is the dark tale of a lonely lighthouse keeper (Kirk Douglas) on the tip of a chain of tiny uninhabited rocky islands off the coast of South America in 1865. His peacful existance is shattered after the arrival of a group of bloodthirsty pirates led by the venomous Captain Kongre (Yul Brynner). Their plan: to lure passing ships to the rocks and steal their cargos. Bearing in mind this was before the Panama Canal was built this would have been a lucrative trade route linking the South Atlantic to the Pacific. The films sparse and bleak surroundings add an eerie feel to the proceedings and one feels a true sense of isolation with the lighthouse keeper. When the pirates arrive, Douglas is forced to flee the lighthouse after they murder his two assistants, before hiding amongst the surrounding caves as he tries to survive - as well as formulate a plan to fight the pirates. A sort of Victorian-era Die Hard plot begins to unroll as Douglas plays cat-and-mouse with Yul Brynner. Despite being shot in 1971, this film is dark and foreboding and some of the scenes of violence are actually hard to stomach. There is no romantising of the pirates here, no happy Jack Sparrows to be found. The pirates are visicious murderous rapists who delight in torture. When the character of Arabella (Samantha Eggar) appears after her ship falls victim to Brynner and his crew, you truly fear the worst for her. The apocalyptic ending contains some horrible scenes and perhaps the ultimate fate of the Samantha Eggar character was one of the reasons this film didn't do so well at the box office after its 1971 release. If you get a chance to watch this film then it is certainly worth it.

Dustin G (ca) wrote: Pretty much immediately upon completing Vertigo together, Novak and Jimmy popped this rom-com quickie off for Richard Quine, a film that is very charming and well done, a sort of precursor to Bewitched, but has all but been forgotten as it has always stood in the shadow of the other Novak/Stewart film of that year. Still, Stewart, Novak and Lemmon are all great, and while it can't be called a classic, because it isn't, it's still fun enough to warrant a rediscovery.

Emmy W (ag) wrote: Some of the greatest films came out of the 20th Century and among those were Westerns. There is one Western that stands out above the rest: Shane (1953). Coming off a recent Oscar win for Best Director, George Stevens holds nothing back as he captures the spirit of the Old West and the fight for Manifest Destiny. With his breathtaking cinematography, realistic characters, and beautiful acting, Shane has gone down in film history as not only one of the greatest Westerns, but also one of the greatest films ever made.The film opens to the Grand Teton Valley and the audience is introduced to its hero Shane (Alan Ladd). A lone man, on his horse riding across the frontier where he encounters Joe Starrett (Van Heflin), his wife Marian (Jean Arthur), and their young son Joey (Brandon De Wilde). A family of homesteaders trying to work their land claim while under pressure from a group of cattlemen: The Ryker Gang. The film follows the town and its people trying to fulfill their dreams of ownership and their desires to fight for their land but for some reason can't put action to their words, and it's Shane who ultimately holds the fate of the town in his hands.This film isn't the typical Western with long drawn out gun fights or John Wayne or a complicated plot. This film is more simplistic but is dripping with deep morals that will toy with the audience's emotions. To make the film all the more emotionally wrenching, it is told through the eyes of little Joey. (Though he is a little annoying at times he truly is acting how any young boy or girl would act when their hero is around. Besides Brandon De Wilde was nominated for his role as Joey so he must be doing something right.) Shane may seem dated because it is a Western but it is a film that is still relevant to today. Its use of characters being driven by their emotions and the unconventional hero are all elements that are still popular in today's film industry. Instead of Shane wearing a black mask and a cape he rides a horse and wears a cowboy hat. As you watch this you will experience the full-range of human emotion without even realizing it because of the film's storytelling ability. I guarantee that you will be on the verge of tears, just like Joey was, when he bid farewell to the mysterious hero, you too will yell, "Shane. Shane. Come back!"

Andrew D (fr) wrote: Robin Williams is outstanding as Prof. Keating, and the portrayals of the students are top notch, even if the film's inspiration and good intention is slightly bogged by a sappy feel.

CAYLA (fr) wrote: omg me and kiley watched that it was so scary

Marc G (it) wrote: It's Ok, but not Allen's strongest film.