F. M. (Fun Aur Masti)

F. M. (Fun Aur Masti)


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ishtiaq o (fr) wrote: world needs more Snowden

Robert H (kr) wrote: I knew it wouldn't be long before the war on terror would meet with zombies and Osama bin Laden seems like the perfect choice to produce an absolutely ridiculous zombie comedy. Unfortunately Osombie, despite the silly name, is far from a comedy. It's essentially 1.5 hours of soldiers walking around in a dessert shooting zombies. There's very little story, the acting is bad, the FX are extremely low budget, and there's not enough Osombie! The only good thing about this film is the fact that there are zombies throughout.Not worth your time.

Erik G (es) wrote: Welcome to The Dead Code, the deadliest game you'll ever play. Will Farmer hacks into a restricted government defense system called Ripley, which is designed to appeal to potential terrorists, while engaging in an online terrorist simulation game in which his hometown is the target. But with his identity, family, and friends jeopardized, Will's only hope in clearing his name is to beat the odds of fighting Ripley in a race of time. He'll have to complete every level before Ripley unleashes total annihilation. Starring the great acting performances by Matt Lanter, Amanda Walsh, and Nicolas Wright.Originally made as a nuclear war simulation back in the 1983 original film, 'Wargames: The Dead Code' now uses a similar scenario but uses terrorism by rogue groups in its place as its main plot, starting with Will's online gaming to win the prize money for a school trip. I can say that Matt Lanter does his great acting performance just as Matthew Broderick did with a matching role: the computer hacker. When the makers of this film do mention Ripley as its villain, it's obviously an 'Alien' reference to me. And what about the "Play with me, baby" dialogue? It's repetitive, but it sounds too seductive-sounding. The new 'Wargames' definitely does its great action sequences as our main character is on the run from the law, which made this exciting and unusual for the typical direct-to-video sequel.

Mike H (ag) wrote: I know people don't seem to be raving over this, but I thouroughly enjoyed this movie. To get a better understanding of it all I had to dive into the minds of the characters and their emotions and feelings/actions. By time I finished this film it really hit me hard, and reminded me of how I felt after watching "The Air I Breathe". This movie had a similar feel to it because of the clash between the characters(visually too). This movie is obviously one that certain people will enjoy and some won't, but I definitely rate this high on my list of movies. Great film in my eyes.

Dylan G (au) wrote: A depressing, and dull movie. Although this movie has gorgeous cinematography, it is unfortunately a disappointment from Michael Mann. C-

Kelly K (br) wrote: This movie was definitely unoriginal and pointless, but I must say I was thoroughly entertained the entire time. I disagree with anyone who says this was not comedy. I laughed until I was breathless, it was terrific.

Johnson C (es) wrote: Anyway, the original noval was better.

Andruw F (fr) wrote: The first and third acts aren't NEARLY as good as the second (not sure if it's the exact acts or not.) The first act is better than the third. The main problem is that they all feel like different movies. The first act is a boxer's family life, the second act is a (sort of) sequel to Swingers at night that's phenomenal, and the third act is a western of sorts almost. But it get's a higher score than it probably deserves due to the performances and characters. The writing is alright but it excels in the script, and the direction is technically poor due to the jumbled tone, but it's not that bad aside from that. It's Jon Favreau's first directing attempt, and it's not that bad, but knowing how much better he gets kind of doesn't help.

Tyler N (fr) wrote: This is one of those so bad you'll laugh at it films, and it does not disappoint. If you go in knowing this you can get some enjoyment out of the film. A movie I will never dream of watching again, but one I got a kick out of.

Anthony P (jp) wrote: I really liked this movie great performances by John Wayne and the others and there was parts that looked like actual footage from WWII

Anthony B (nl) wrote: A dull slog of a romantic drama that not even the famous earthquake scene (whose special effects were cutting-edge at the time) can save.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: An ok film but didn't really need to be made, A big drop from Aliens But still ok.

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: My favorite film, provided as a reference point for all my reviews. Moody space noir, perfectly acted by a stellar cast, directed by the amazing Ridley Scott, with practical FX that even today look better than most of the CGI out there today.

Rinnah A (kr) wrote: Even though my Obsession starred in this one, it was truly horrific, & not in a good way. :[