Fabled Enemies

Fabled Enemies


7 years after 911 the supposed mastermind behind the attacks is still at large, and the nation is entrenched in multiple Wars in the Middle East. Is Bin Laden the Evil behind the attack or a mere front man in a larger picture, a Bogeyman? We are told we are fighting a War on Terror, and that the Terrorists hate us for our freedom. If that is the case, why do our leaders take more and more of those freedoms away every day? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Tom K (au) wrote: i'm surprised that this movie didn't do well, i like it! i admit that there's barely to no music related themes going on in the movie but it still has some really likable characters and really funny moments in it. if you don't like it more power to ya but i really enjoyed the movie and i'm proud that i own it on dvd

Alex T (kr) wrote: I saw this in a film festival last summer then ordered the Blu-ray from Amazon. Well worth watching these lovely ladies in HD. They hold up very well. Ashleigh Sumner was kick-ass as LOLA. She ran, and jumped, and charmed her way through the streets of San Francisco in a desperate quest to reach her girlfriend. The references to the German film Run, Lola, Run are obvious.....but this version is a much lighter affair that focuses mostly on lesbian relations (past and present) and what is the meaning of commitment. Lesbian angst is explored via the incestuous connections of past and present that are standard fare. There some clever use of still photos and animation which add to the over-the-top tone. It serves this lively romp quite well and I was pleased to see some sexy scenes among real lesbians. I also appreciate that at the film's end, I'm left with a big old grin on my face.

Aaron R (jp) wrote: The First Person boxing visuals were great. Never seen boxing done so well in a movie. It felt like you were in the ring. The movie told the story of the struggles of being an immigrant farm worker in the US. I have never seen anything like this before but I would have to say this is a must see. Enjoy!

Thomas M (mx) wrote: Though very dark and sad, that film remains very truthfull to the novel. A love story that could be banal if there wasn't that addiction to heroin between the two lovers. Neil Armfield manage to share with brio the ups and downs of Luke Davies' characters. Heath Ledger wanted to work in Australia after his American success. Bingo !

Carlos M (de) wrote: Even with an absorbing atmosphere and a powerful sound design, this strange film is like two different unrelated stories sloppily combined and loosely bound together, allowing of several different interpretations and coming off as frustratingly vague and empty in its essence.

Laura K (br) wrote: All Cremaster films!

Glad C (es) wrote: Watched this with a younger group of friends. I wouldn't recommend it for the sole reason that it perpetuates literal interpretation of Revelations for young people. Although allusions to real life events are there and can be linked to Second-Coming events, it didn't encourage further thinking, reflection, or grow your faith.

Jaime W (au) wrote: I was in love with Julia Roberts since I was in 5th grade. It continued as a steady love for all those years. This movie deepened it in a way I didn't think possible. And opened my eyes to environmental issues in a digestible way.

Marischa B (it) wrote: About Cherry pulls every punches to make sure you can see Cherry's sweet side. Reality is there, you can see it clear as day, but the story is all about her innocent nature. The bad things are presented, but not dwelled upon. You get to know her and by the end you just wish to get to know her more, that's how sweet she is.The camera moves are well chosen, the point of views and focus done just right. The scoring is just as sweet as the main actress and all the characters are well played. The scenario is a great balance in time and subjects, presenting you a lot of tidbits, in a concise manner that you can easily ingest.It's almost perfect. The only reproach I can make is that it is so sweet, it has no punch. I must admit, I didn't care that it didn't. I will watch it again many times, that is a guaranty.Easily listening. I highly recommend it to the naughty one waiting for a candy inside of you.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: Bee Movie is directed by Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner, and it stars Jerry Seinfeld and Rene Zellweger in a DreamWorks animated film about Barry Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) who doesn't like the fact that he sticks with one job forever, so when he sees bees going outside, he wants to do that. While he does that, things go haywire, and he was about be squished, until Vanessa saved him, and he returns the favor by talking to her. It's interesting to see a well known actor like Jerry Seinfeld to be involved in an animated film, and actually co-wrote it also. In terms of his first animated flick, it's really funny. This is the first time that I've seen Jerry Seinfield in anything really, and he's really good in this, and so is Rene Zellweger. The animation looks impressive with the flying scenes and going through all places, although some of the human animations look odd. The characters are good, and the plot is unpredictable, even if it is very jumbled and doesn't quite get resolved. The humor is really funny, but when it does the bee puns, it really dies out from me. Kids would like it even if they're afraid of bees, and adults would also like it since it does have adult humor that kids wouldn't get, and Bee Movie is a great film for me.

Bronson W (gb) wrote: Norbit is hilarious and heartwarming from start to finish. In this movie, Eddie Murphy plays three different characters with three different voices. Eddie Murphy plays Norbit who is a married milquetoast and former orphan who only stays and puts up with his mean, self-centered, and extremely obese wife Rasputia and her mean ways since she's the only family that he has. Once Kate returns into his life, however, he hopes to make his feelings for her known. He briefly uses some profanity and he is also the main protagonist of the movie. Eddie Murphy also plays Rasputia who is Norbit's mean, self-centered, and extremely obese wife who constantly belittles him and she occasionally gets violent with him. She has an affair with her local aerobics instructor Buster who is played by Marlon Wayans. She uses some profanity and she is also the main antagonist of the movie. Eddie Murphy also plays Mr. Wong who is the racist Asian restaurant owner who also runs an orphanage where he raised Norbit and Kate among others.

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