Fábula de la Bella Palomera

Fábula de la Bella Palomera

Orestes, a rich factory owner, falls for the beautiful Fulvia. They communicate using pigeons, to avoid being discovered by her husband.

Orestes, a rich factory owner, falls for the beautiful Fulvia. They communicate using pigeons, to avoid being discovered by her husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fábula de la Bella Palomera torrent reviews

Mark K (ca) wrote: One of the worst films I have ever seen.

Private U (us) wrote: TIme Pass. Specially if nothing else to do.

Richard S (gb) wrote: No. No. No. But for the modestly interesting footage of late 60s Chicago this may not have been played in its entirety. It has precious little to say about events that were increasingly relevant its time of release. My sympathies were with the accused, but this little more than empty hero worship. Add to that the "edgy" turn of the millennium dad rock soundtrack and you have something that may be intriguing in concept, but falls flat in actual execution.

Sabrena P (ag) wrote: Despite all the negative reviews, I actually really enjoyed this movie! Is it the best movie ever? Well no, but it set out what it was aiming to do: to be a funny and entertaining movie. This is very much a "love it or hate it" type of movie and I'm on the love it side! Keep up the good work Steve Carell!

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Hannah M (fr) wrote: This is my third Bergman film I've seen and I'm amazed by how different the three of them were. I've seen this story adapted a few times (most notably the Sondheim musical A Little Night Music) so it was nice to finally see the original. It doesn't connect with me on any sort of deep level, but I enjoyed my time watching it. There are some extremely funny moments (I laughed out loud when Henrik, in his moment of despair, accidentally brings his stepmother's bed through the wall). Overall, it's an extremely *pleasant* movie and I liked it, but that's as far as it goes for me.

Thomas W (es) wrote: A big break from what you expect from Kevin Smith... This delivers a shot to the front of your dome. A Satire of the far right fundamentalists, while giving equal measure to corruptible nature of a government without checks and balances.My only understanding as to why this has been rated so low is because it offends the religious right and the liberal left at the same time. The score is haunting and the entire film has a very dark tone, we've seen Kevin doing comedy, we've even seen some drama. But this I think was something completely new from him. If it didn't have his name all over it, I'd swear it was from Quentin Tarantino. The hyper-violent nature, the fact that everyone is corruptible, the fact that noone is safe... It was fucking beautiful. And I just looked this up, it was number 8 on QT's list of films of 2011. Been doing a bit of a Kevin Smith "Binge" and this certainly was jarring and different from his other works. Well done good sir, well done.