Faccia a faccia

Faccia a faccia

A history professor has a chance meeting with an infamous outlaw and eventually assumes leadership of his gang.

History Professor Brad Fletcher heads west for his health, but falls in with Soloman Bennett's outlaw gang. Fascinated by their way of life, Fletcher finally takes over the gang, leading with a new 'efficient' ruthlessness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristian M (ag) wrote: Not all that good, but not all that bad either. Pretty decent cast.

Jarrin R (au) wrote: Just watched this and really enjoyed it. Great story of young African-American life, with a great cast to bring it to life. The direction and cinematography also stick out.

M C (it) wrote: Not great, but than again, Syfy rarely puts out anything this good. 47/100

Jonathan H (jp) wrote: It was "HOT" from begining to end.

Raji K (mx) wrote: Jackie Chan stars as a operative who has gone to Africa to retain an item that could become a new energy source. In the process his team is betrayed, gets separated and suffers a concussion that causes him to lose his memory. The government and CIA want to get the item back at all costs and erase all traces which include Chan who has no idea why various men are after him. Who Am I has some solid action scenes, but really saves the best for last where he fights two fighters at once on the roof of a tall building. It also includes a daring walk along the side of the building, and he eventually slides his way off. The rest of the movie has splashes of great action, but does not feature some of my favorite sequences and there are better Chan flicks out there.

Christopher B (mx) wrote: Dark comedy that is most remembered when it's played on late night cable. Other than that, it's completely forgotten. But Harvey Keitel's in it!

Casey F (kr) wrote: Poorly written script, the viewer never really understands what's going on, and frankly, the music stinks...

Indira S (us) wrote: film yg kurang bisa dnikmati sm smua org, makna2nya kbanyakan tersirat mulu... #sigh

Abel G (mx) wrote: Whgat a load of bullshit, I only watched this because I was on a bus and had no way out of it...

Stephen L (fr) wrote: You gotta love a movie that holds up.Not much needs to be said about Diner.Written and directed by Barry Levinson, nominated for Best Screenplay and set in Baltimore 1959. I'll try not to spoil anything, because if you like movies and haven't seen this gem, you must catch it soon. It's funny, poignant and has a spectacular cast.I can't get enough of Paul Reiser's character, Modell. Good Golly he's funny. Discussing the concept of evolution, Reiser speaks one of my favorite lines, "The guy who makes up this stuff it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard - people do not come from swamps. They come from Europe."This line comes from potentially the best post-movie credit sequence I've ever seen (or rather, heard). It's a philosophical comedic audio layover, a bonus diner conversation; an adequate apology for the abrupt freeze-frame ending.I love how Reiser's constantly hassling Steve Guttenberg's character for rides. They're all such close friends, Reiser manages to never actually ask for the lift, he always gets The Gute to offer.A young Mickey Rourke is almost unrecognizable in this film. And he delivers a spectacular performance.Daniel Stern's character is also great, now that I think about it. You know him from Home Alone. His character is such a well-meaning fella. When he argues with his wife over his records, you don't know who to root for, and it'll set your heart strings aquiver.It can get dusty at times.Stern also has a great moment with Guttenberg, when he explains that getting married doesn't necessarily make life any easier.Kevin Bacon's character is, as always, excellently executed. He is like a tightly wound spring, but worth much more than first appears.The minor character who memorizes the lines from "Sweet Smell of Success," cracks me up every time he interrupts a conversation.I'm not sure if women will enjoy this film as much as men. The themes seem very masculine; they reflect the subtleties of my interactions with my male friends. I'd be interested to hear if women feel like they really connect with certain aspects of the movie.One might say Diner is misogynistic.I say, "Feh!"One could argue that the pacing is slow at the beginning, but personally, I won't do so.The only criticism I can muster is about the moment of greatest tension, the pinnacle of the film's conflict. It gets resolved in such a quick fashion it might make your head tilt.Otherwise, this is a spectacular film. As always, don't expect too much, and you'll be oh-so-sweetly rewarded.

Joel A (br) wrote: A stirring drama about two convicts (played by Dustin Hoffman & Steve McQueen) who basically continue to inspire to escape the French Algiers prison they are sentenced to.This film centers on there perfect performances & their will & dedication none more so than Steve McQueen's character.The environment they are in seems to continually push them forward & it's an enthralling adventure. I recommend highly a very effective drama.

Kenny N (ca) wrote: To quote Ayn Rand, "There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil." In this masterpiece of horror and suspense, there is a distinct blurring between right and wrong. The man who makes Ned Beatty "squeal like a pig" is one of the greatest villains in film history, despite his relatively short screen time, because he represents an ugly, dark underbelly to human nature. The rest of the film (although that one scene will stay with you forever) is an excellent survival caper. Not for the weak of mind or the faint of heart, but ultimately a shocking, visceral filmgoing experience.

James D (nl) wrote: i.wanted this to be so much better. it did have it's good moments but there was way to much cheese.

Jase N (es) wrote: OSCAR Winner Matt Damon* gives a heartfelt performance in this film which is based on a true story. When his teenage son gets into trouble, Benjamin Mee (Damon) gives up a lucrative newspaper job to move his family to the most unlikely of places: a zoo! With help from an eclectic staff, and with misadventures along the way, Benjamin embarks on a fresh beginning to restore the dilapidated zoo to its former glory,while uniting his family. From the director of Jerry Maguire, We Bought A Zoo is a "wonderful, warm and witty" (Bill Bregoil, CBS Radio News) celebration of the human spirit.