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Edward C (gb) wrote: After Earth (2013)Starring:Will Smith and Jaiden SmithDirected by M. Night ShyamalanReviewDanger is real,fear is a choice and this movie isn't something you shouldn't choose cause it's stupid.This film is about trying to get Jaiden Smith as a big acting star in Hollywood,no literally that's why this was made so ultimately that's what it's about. It opens with Kataki I think that's his name all I remember is that it started with a K on training and asking his commander to become a ranger. But of course doesn't because well then that would be a little bit different to movies like this and would perhaps make it more timely or memorable. They leave their planet for some reason and crash land on earth which is no longer inhabited by humans and has become very deadly. Kataki must get to the transmission on the other side of the forest on earth or something like that to return home.This movie has will smith which means it should have no excuse to be so boring I mean him and his son Jaiden are in a supposed action movie together and it's so boring halfway through I said has anything interesting or cool happened yet? But no nothing interesting or cool did happen throughout the entire movie. Even though it does have both Will and Jaiden Smith they both have the acting range of a crumpet in this movie. They both just felt so bland in their roles it's like they were sleepwalking. It never once tries to have fun.This movie suffers from an uninteresting plot and story that was somehow made by Will Smith and a good cast that just seems to sleepwalk in their roles with no memorable characters or moments in the film,that just makes it very boring. The special effects aren't even special this time around there just stupid. I give After Earth a one and a half out of five.

James M (de) wrote: Not very funny, despite the efforts of Joe Pesci. There's way too many films varying on this theme. Not a lot of them are any good.

Jeffrey M (es) wrote: Tortured, for the most part, is the sort of film that you think is going one direction, and ends up going in another. This is largely to the film's benefit, being more concerned with set-up, story, and characters. As a character study, Tortured is helped greatly by a strong performance from Cole Hauser, who does an excellent job keeping up a sustained level of intensity, and has a depth not seen by the rest of the cast, despite some good work by James Cromwell (Laurence Fishburne phones it in for the most part). The writing holds up for most of the film, save the last act, which seems to lose the film's earlier sense of realism. Still, the plot twists help keep it suspenseful, and the execution is enough to keep you engaged. It ultimately doesn't rise much above a B thriller, but for what it is, it works. 3.5/5 Stars

Gordon B (ru) wrote: This VULGAR puppet show take on the Marquis De Sade Overstays what little welcome it had to start with, although it is a must for fans of the film Quills

Brian C (mx) wrote: a taut and exciting cold war thriller, even if the effects are very dated today. good performances by mcgoohan and hudson (this may be the first rock hudson movie i've ever seen). must have been a big 'event' movie in the day, would be interesting to see this updated in today's movie making era.

Chloe O (gb) wrote: it is so comedy and ice cube is cute

aiah s (us) wrote: Wasn't the best movie

Juli N (de) wrote: The film has way too many bad guys you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one! And yet it still managed to be pointless and boring!

Zeus F (ag) wrote: You damn well know this'll be among the worst movies you've ever seen. And it is.

Grant S (gb) wrote: Set in a dystopian, fascist future, single people are sent to a hotel where they must find a partner in 45 days or get turned into a wild animal of their choice. David's wife has just left him, after 11 years of marriage, and he is sent the hotel. His chosen animal, should he not find a partner, is a lobster.Quite intriguing, initially. The whole idea and set up was so inane you felt compelled to stick with it. The sheer novelty of it all sucks you in.However, almost as quickly, the cracks in the concept and plot start to appear. Why do people go along with the preposterous idea? If they are forced to find a partner, why not just find anyone and pretend to be a couple, rather than suffer this fate? While obviously the central idea is quite ridiculous, it is the way people respond to it that is truly implausible and sets the movie up to fail.Also, why does the opposite of this "couples are everything" regime have to be a "being a perpetual loner is the only way to go" group. Surely there can be a middle ground? The extreme polarity of it all was irritating. Despite these flaws, however, there was a chance this could develop into an interesting drama. I figured I was happy to overlook these obvious faults if the movie got some momentum. Alas, no, it just gets worse and worse. From a point the plot just becomes very random and, ultimately, pointless.Only worth watching if you're curious to know what all the fuss is about, but be prepared to be disappointed.