Faces in the Crowd

Faces in the Crowd

A horror-thriller centered on a woman living with "face-blindness" after surviving a serial killer's attack. As she lives with her condition, one in which facial features change each time she loses sight of them, the killer closes in.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   jealousy,   scar,  

A horror-thriller centered on a woman living with "face-blindness" after surviving a serial killer's attack. As she lives with her condition, one in which facial features change each time she loses sight of them, the killer closes in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KerryAnn H (us) wrote: Had its funny moments but terrible effects!

Robert B (nl) wrote: The Deep Blue Sea (Terence Davies, 2011)Every review I have read of Terence Davies' 2011 effort The Deep Blue Sea has singled out the performance of Rachel Weisz. Deservedly so; Weisz comes as close to carrying this movie as she possibly can. Unfortunately, one performance does not a movie make, and there is far too much else going on here, most of it mediocre at best, to even be able to sit back and enjoy Weisz' performance, which probably should have netted her another Oscar nomination. Yes, she is that good. The film, however, is not. That this is a remake of Anatole Litvak's 1955 weepie of the same name (with Vivien Leigh in the role Weisz reprises here) should probably cause me to cut the film some slack, but somehow it doesn't.Plot: Hester Collyer (Weisz, an Oscar winner for The Constant Gardner) is a woman seemingly bent on self-destruction. Trapped in a loveless marriage to a barrister (My Week with Marilyn's Simon Russell Beale), whose overbearing mother (Philomena's Barbara Jefford) typifies everything that is wrong with Stiff-Upper-Lip-Britdom, Hester flees into the arms of her husband's opposite, an impecunious chap named Freddie Page (Thor's Tom Hiddleston) whose glory days came during World War II and who is attempting to live off them. He can provide Hester with passion and little else, while her husband, Sir William, can do the opposite. Problem is, Hester is desperately unhappy with Freddie, but is unwilling to accept the contentment of her marriage. Thus, in the opening scene, she has decided to take her own life. Or did she really? The doctor who examines her after the fact condemns the attempt as ridiculous. This question, ultimately, drives the film; does Hester really want to die?Weisz, as noted, plays the role to the hilt. And I realize this is about as YMMV a judgment as someone can pronounce on a movie, but there it is: that role did not ring true to me, not for one single frame of this movie. It might have played in the age of the weepie, but really, weren't we beyond sexual hysteria as a psychological diagnosis even in the fifties? Hester is a doormat, but she's a doormat with escape options. That she buries her head in the sand, and digs deeper every time those escape options are presented to her, does not inspire pathos, and it certainly does not inspire sympathy. Rather, by halfway through the movie she was inspiring the same extreme annoyance in me that she was in Freddie. That wshe was making me root for the gas to win is testament to Weisz' acting ability, but it doesn't say much for the movie as a whole. ** 1/2

Carlos C (au) wrote: Una pelicula mexico-argentina de traficantes de drogas, tiene una trama comun pero es bastante entretenida, el final es inesperado y le da un giro interesante a la pelicula, muy recomendada para ver. Golpea el exceso de confianza en las personas.

Javier S (fr) wrote: Sper deprimente movie con una excelente actuacin de Christian bale pero sin guion

Mike W (jp) wrote: This is one of those movies that you realize isn't going to get any better but still watch just in case it redeems itself somehow with a good ending. There is no good ending. Forgettable and predictable.

Anna B (mx) wrote: This movie was too heavy handed, and I didn't particularly like the main character.

Jennifer K (ag) wrote: Very funny low budget movie ! Happy to add it to my collection.

Kris V (kr) wrote: A vey unusual little movie where allegory runs wild in a magic realistic kinda way. Didn't really grab me but it's worth a watch.

Giovanni D (jp) wrote: Amazing movie! Ultra-violent, hot Japanese girls, kick ass action, funny over-the-top, totally unpc, this movie has it all! Shit, it even has a school girl who shoots darts out of her twat! You need to see this one to believe it!

Jim G (au) wrote: 3 of 5 stars for the movie comedy Yellowbeard. Monte Python meets Mel Brooks. Well this comedy parity of pirate movies combines the talents of Monte Python (Idle, Chapman, Cleese) with Mel Brooks' team (Mars, Kahn, Feldman, Boyle). The result is a funny lightweight comedy. Richly photographed, lots of sight gags and funny dialog. This is truly a turn your brain off, sit back and relax funny movie! If you are looking for a deep plot with lots of drama or suspense, don't look here! Yes, I do recommend this!

Seth K (us) wrote: Let's start with the bad. The plot is familiar - cranky older guy teaching lessons to youngster (The Karate Kid, About a Boy, Ashby with Mickey Rourke). Now for the good. One of the best Bill Murray performances ever and excellent supporting turns by Naomi Watts and a surprisingly adept Melissa McCarthy. Kudos.