Facing Reality

Facing Reality

Shockumentary including the most brutal footage ever captured on film.

Shockumentary including the most brutal footage ever captured on film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Facing Reality torrent reviews

Rania A (kr) wrote: Not as good as the first but enjoyable nonetheless

Oscar S (kr) wrote: Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders. -- William Faulkner

Eric O (us) wrote: i know this is backwards but...it's like Winter's Bone, if Winter's Bone were good. and even then, only so good.

Sandra D (kr) wrote: Not what I expected for a Dawson's Creek sequel... But I totally bought that James van der Beek was a marine biologist. Totally believeable and my campy sense of bad-movie humor didn't at all predict that at all.

Zac D (ca) wrote: Hahaha, I remember seeing this a while ago. Not a bad movie actually, George Mureason can actually act

Nicci L (kr) wrote: Eh. Kinda cute, but not worth the three days it took me to get through it.

Adam D (ru) wrote: One of the best documentaries I've seen.

Jordan L (it) wrote: Great piece of my childhood horror flicks, love this movie! Plus they have Sean Astin & Donkey lips from "Salute your shorts". hahaha.

Patrick T (au) wrote: A cute effort, but far too cheesy.

Anna B (gb) wrote: Gets a little clumsy in the third act, but still enjoyable.

Christy P (it) wrote: Good acting, story not so great.

Zoi K (us) wrote: A hymn to youth, love and sexual desire. Mischievous and blasphemous as the look on Pasolini's eyes playing Chaucer himself. A genuine "Pasolinian" movie.

Chris G (ru) wrote: Very very cool and really very sexy.

John C (it) wrote: Although there are some creaky and sometimes embarrassingly dated moments, this film is all about Bogie and the beginning of that amazing film persona.

Tino P (jp) wrote: A sobering and heartfelt tale about massacre that took place in Rwanda while most of the world looked away.

Paul B (au) wrote: Just peeped this on Netflix. So, it gets better but is extremely slow to get going. Liked the last 30 minutes but barely stayed awake to get there. Not all that, like the other reviews state. Just ok. It was hard to root for, or even care about, Jake Gyllenhaal's weird character.