Fackklubb 459 - sista striden på bagarn

Fackklubb 459 - sista striden på bagarn


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Fackklubb 459 - sista striden på bagarn torrent reviews

Russ V (ag) wrote: For the incredibly low standards set by other movies from The Asylum, Hercules Reborn is actually quite good. When compared to movies from Hollywood studios, or even from other independent studios, this, like all of The Asylum's movies, is not good at all, but if you know what you're getting into Hercules Reborn is a fun enough way to kill an hour and a half, or if nothing else, it'd be good background noise. It'd also be worth noting that movies from The Asylum are generally made for well under a million dollars.

Tiago C (kr) wrote: Average. More film films crop on homosexuals who came. It addresses a fagot America's relationship with a gay from China and his mother who have not yet got used to the Western culture.

Karl G (de) wrote: Note to self 'don't watch this again'

Private U (ag) wrote: a real kaffir movie. lot's of dumb kaffirs, doing dumb kaffir things, pretending to be like really kaffir

Victoria K (mx) wrote: I don't think I've seen such a romeo juliet love story in forever. I *loved* this movie. It's certainly not for everyone. Sensual, passionate, taboo, moving.... timeless. Wow. Totally moving.

Ken T (ca) wrote: They made this into a movie and the movie was just irratating. So, this is the original diddy that spawn the waste of my time and money...

Adam F (it) wrote: "Connie and Carla" has its moments but it's mostly a forgettable comedy with a few moments of heart. The tone of the movie varies wildly and that means for every scene that is heartfelt and that works there is another that is just some goofy nonsense that falls flat. When the movie begins the titular characters are complete fools and genuine failures in the entertainment industry. On the run after witnessing a mob hit, the two women infiltrate the gay cross-dressing scene and that's where everything that works in the film is situated. While the situation inside the gay club doesn't do much except reinforce stereotypes, the characters are well drawn for what they are (you do have to expect drag queens to display a certain amount of flamboyancy and eccentricity after all) and the movie resists the obvious cheap jokes that could have been made at their expense. The musical and dance sequences are fun too, but other than that, the movie is filled with really obvious plot developments and some lame comedy. The villain of the film has a sidekick Tibor (Boris McGiver) who suddenly develops a love for musical theatre to the point of going to see every show in the U.S. just so it can be firmly set up from the beginning that our female duo is eventually going to be discovered and have to face the people they ran away from in the first place. David Duchovny serves as Jeff I introduced as a love interest for Connie (Nia Vardalos) and as a reason to introduce some additional drama in the story because he is meeting his brother for the first time in years, a brother that is a drag queen and that wants nothing to do with him. We get an obligatory scene where Jeff's thinly developed fianc forces him to say some hurtful things to his brother just so we can have a moment of redemption at the end. Just like every single buddy comedy out there, we also have that moment where the two leads have a fight and have to rekindle that old flame of friendship so the plot can be padded out too.Despite not actually being one to my knowledge, the movie just feels like a watered-down remake, without any bite or novelty to it whatsoever. While it's never offensive and is at times genuinely funny there's just nothing that really stands out. A moment worth noting is a very fun cameo by Debbie Reynolds, who still has plenty of musical talent to dispense but that comes towards the end of the picture. You won't be angry or bored while watching "Connie and Carla" but this is the type of movie you rent on a lazy day, not the kind that you rush out to see in the theatre or even buy on home video. (Dvd, April 22 2013)

Wildaly M (au) wrote: Informative. Loved the cinematography.

Ville P (br) wrote: In Hong Kong Reggie Cameron is a mercenary, who has just killed a general and now there is a bounty on his head. Co-worker and mentor Simon (Brion James) and innocent friend Jack (Tim Thomerson) try to help Reggie, before clock hits midnight and the power of Hong Kong goes back to China. Robert Patrick is pretty wooden as the cold assassin, so it's up to Brion James and Tim Thomerson to bring some light humor to this action piece. Also starring Andrew Divoff as the co-employer. Directed by Albert Pyun and has some nice action scenes. Unrealistic, but still fun.

Lara R (it) wrote: ahhh, achei gracinha. <3

Juan A (mx) wrote: A triumph: The music, the script, the directing, the photography, and Jack Nicholson's outstanding performance.

Drago C (au) wrote: A good cult horror entangled in its own narrative trappings, Let Us Prey sets a great scene but rides too fast and too hard and starts to fall apart under its own mounting pressures near the end.

Keenan S (de) wrote: On The Road is an eccentric, offbeat, messy, beautiful, and compelling film all at the same time. For me, it was also an invigorating, engaging, and exciting film bursting at the seams with life as it ponders philosophies and existential thoughts about the times, where things are going, and who we are as people.There's a lot going on in this film, and I was engaged so thoroughly that I couldn't leave my seat to either go get myself another drink or to use the bathroom because I was too into the film. I adore it and it is one of those rare films that makes me feel alive while watching it. It's not just a generational film of its time, but it still resonates deeply and emotionally.The story begins in the late 1940's with a young writer named Sal Paradise, who is introduced to a young man named Dean Moriarty, a strange, free-spirited, promiscuous rebel, along with his 16-year-old wife, Marylou. From that first meeting, Sal's young life is turned completely upside down by Dean, even though Sal knows that he's being manipulated by Dean and even calls him a conman.But, Dean's zest and vigor for life is something that Sal and his friends cannot stay away from, which over the course years takes them on a strange cross country journey meeting strange people, falling in and out of love, sex, drugs, jazz music, philosophical and existential discoveries, a rebellion against the social norms of the time, hopes, dreams, and everything in between.The storyline is what really had me glued to my seat the whole time. I know that I'm really into a film when I can't even pause it to go take a piss, and this is one of those films that actually pulled off that feat. My description of the plot is far shorter than what the film actually presents, but it's something I feel you should watch and experience to absorb all the details, people, and places it shows the viewer.It's a story about living life to the fullest and not giving a damn about how society dictates how you should live it, even if it means fiercely rebelling against it. It's also a wild ride that explores the ups, downs, ugly parts, and weird parts of life as young people try to grow up and find their place in the world. In a sense, it's not just about living life, but also about growing up. Hell, there are plenty of other themes to discover as well, if you look hard enough.The acting is also pretty damn good, including by some performers I wasn't expecting to be any good, like Kristen Stewart, in her performance as Marylou. Hell, there's a whole cast of talented people this film managed to nab, all of whom deliver great performances.But, the best performances go to Garrett Hedlund as Dean Moriarty and Sam Riley as Sal Paradise. The two actors fully absorbed themselves into their characters, and these are performances that I'm unlikely to forget any time soon because I was so engrossed by their exhilarating performances. They made me believe and I couldn't help but become invested in the lives of their offbeat characters.As far as entertainment goes, chances are you will hate this film, like most other people who have watched it due to its slow pacing and what some would describe as "too artsy" feel. It seems that everything people hated about this film, I loved about it. I found myself exhilarated by the characters' journey across America (And later on, to Mexico, as well) with all the beautiful sights to see, the people they met, the various cultural differences they encountered, their pondering of life, the sexual escapades, the drugs, the drama - I was absorbed from start to finish and I was also interested and excited to see where the strange characters would take me next. I never got bored and I loved every minute of the journey.On The Road is a tremendously underrated indie art house flick. It's hard to recommend this to most people, as it is definitely not for everyone and will be too off-putting and slow for most. All I can say is, if you enjoy indie and art house films, at least give it a chance. I can't guarantee you'll derive enjoyment, even if you're into such films, but I think it's something I think should be seen at least once if you like such films. For me, it's an underrated masterpiece of superb storytelling, beautiful imagery, stunning acting, great music, and interesting themes and ideas that made it absolutely engrossing and enamoring to me.

Brett B (es) wrote: One of the more unique interpretations of Holmes lore. Caine and Kinglsey have a terrific, bantering chemistry, and it's always nice to see Freeman in a villainous role.

Rodrigo H (nl) wrote: Suprema historia y cruda horrible verdad de muchos nios en el mundo. No solo Africa. Una historia muy triste y fuerte al mismo tiempo contada por actores de primera categora. La actuacin y el dialogo es impecable.