• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   newspaper,   milk,  

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Facklorna torrent reviews

Farah R (us) wrote: A very real and well acted drama about what it takes to be famous and staying true to yourself. Grace Unplugged offers good songs and a very enjoyable time to its audience.

Fernando C (es) wrote: interesting mix of the filmmaking process and the emotions that go with it

Holly L (es) wrote: If you read the manga, do not see this movie. It was so incredibly different from the books that it may as well have been a completely separate entity all together. If you have not read the manga, I imagine it actually isn't terrible.

Jeffrey G (jp) wrote: anything TONY JAA is a must see hands down

Monica P (fr) wrote: Great and unforgettable.

Andrew L (es) wrote: What the hell is Sawa doing in a film like this after making lots of well known studio films? This is an extremely bad movie with lots of embarassing dialogue and acting. Even the post production work like the film editing, visual effects, photography, score and much more are badly done. This film reminds me of Predator.

Beth A (es) wrote: I love this movie. I love how if you're a Jane Austen fan you can see bits of the stories mixed in with the story.

Niko L (es) wrote: this espanol movie is funnny but ho w mo liu -_- ding.

Kirill K (ca) wrote: Has that great feel of early 2000s film before the digital age, along with the full glory of anamorphic. Oh and lots of confusing plot twists too.

Catherine L (br) wrote: Very interesting view of a lost young man not really committed to anything but drinking and smoking in a life where there is no real depth and no passion... until Victoria April walks into his life and that of his mother... Great film!

John Y (kr) wrote: Really not that great of a film.

Ian E (fr) wrote: Relying too much on slapstick and pratfalls, "Flubber" is an unfunny and a low on energy film that is as just as unimaginative as its title.

Suette D (ru) wrote: I loved this movie...Oscar Wilde is a favorite writer of mine and it's great to see his life in motion.

Stephen C (mx) wrote: LEAD ACTOR - Stephen MD Chang as: "Dad Li" - father of SANDRA OH ( Grey's Anatomy ) in " DOUBLE HAPPINESS " - 7 AWARDS 1994 - Click his photo left to see more.

Ana C (fr) wrote: I like all the Roots Movies. It's terrible what Kunta Kinte and his family suffered and I'm so glad for Mr. Abraham Lincoln and for Martin Luther King Jr. and a whole lot of others that have made a difference in the lives of our fellow man.