Fade to Black

Fade to Black

Eric Binford watches a lot of movies. He is the truest definition of a film geek. One day, his sanity takes a turn for the worse and he begins acting out his favorite scenes from the movies. In doing so, he manages to involve his enemies and the scenes usually result in death.

A shy, lonely, film geek goes on a killing spree against those who bully and browbeat him, while at the same time, he stalks his idol; a Marilyn Monroe look-alike. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fade to Black torrent reviews

Al K (fr) wrote: Great movie! Didn't see it coming...

Misha K (ca) wrote: Really not too good. Quite predictable as well.

Suvi T (ag) wrote: grgshwfgdgggdjdyedwss)jxhshvzvzgz d

Darina R (es) wrote: This movie was amazing.

Gregory W (kr) wrote: interesting and different

Trent R (kr) wrote: Beautiful ethnographic document of Varda's Parisian suburb. It initially introduces the spectator by presenting a traveling stage magician whose act will follow and be intercut with those of the equally transformative inhabitants. This humble device yields profoundly moving results in the end.

Facebook U (fr) wrote: A masterfully crafted exhibition of style that, unfortunately, is virtually bereft of focus, character development or narrative. Jimi Hendrix deserves better than this.

Melissa A (ru) wrote: Tina Fey did a great job in a more serious role (with a few comedic moments). However, the plot dragged for me sometimes and I felt a lot could have been cut out to still keep the story flowing.