Ever since her childhood days Alice has slipped further and further away from her father. Until now, she has not been able to confront him. But after an unexpected encounter with a boy ...

Ever since her childhood days Alice has slipped further and further away from her father. Until now, she has not been able to confront him. But after an unexpected encounter with a boy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ca M (ca) wrote: The movie is imaginative, but you don't find yourself caring for the characters too much. 20m in it felt like watching a tv show and I was looking forward to it finishing so I could continue on with my day. A better version of the movie would be The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I like the idea of using our everyday day dreams for a movie. It's not done often.

Rachael U (ag) wrote: There is actual lore to this story...which they used 1 line of. This isn't even in a New England town as you can tell its filmed in CA (mountains in background, everything else is flat). All disciplines of film-making represented here is sub-par. Watch the wife flinch near the end while liquid is poured on her. Too bad they didn't delve in to the actual story, so much scarier. Can't even MST3K this horrible mess.

Alex r (ca) wrote: Creep Van is yet another awful straight to DVD horror title that really doesn't deliver. The idea for the film was quite interesting; unfortunately, the filmmakers were not able to create something watchable. The end result is a film that is poorly acted, directed with no flow to keep you interested from start to finish. Creep Van could have been a wonderful low-budget horror yarn; unfortunately it fails in almost every respect. The film feels rushed, with no emphasis on trying to make a memorable, watchable film that could have been good. The film relies more on clichs and sloppy directing, which simply doesn't work. This is a horror film that definitely doesn't deliver on its ambitious ideas, thus it ends up being a dreadful film going experience that simply isn't worth your time. Creep Van is a low budget schlock fest that just doesn't thrill. The film is pretty boring, and there is never anything to really grab your attention. The idea for the plot was good, but the execution was poor. This is just another one of those forgettable straight to DVD titles that simply fails to thrill the viewer. The horror is terrible, and it relies on clichs and there are no performances that stand out. There is nothing worthwhile to enjoy here, and it presents fans with the same old tired out formula, instead of trying to do something new and refreshing. If the film would have been rewritten, and a few things changed up, then maybe this film would have been worth seeing. As it stands, this is a forgettable dull affair that simply isn't worth your time due to an awful scrip, awful directing and awful acting.

Will N (jp) wrote: Nothing more here than a film starring Dwayne Johnson--who does a good job--with some pretty sweet special effects. Those two things combined alone make it a pretty good ride.

Dave R (us) wrote: The directors first film so I cut him a little slack. The film had an obvious direction but had some great brutal graphic scenes typical of French horror as well as the disturbing. I enjoyed it but not as good as l'interior.

David H (au) wrote: a tough, gritty, violent classic.

David S (fr) wrote: Solid direction and a dream like atmosphere is marred by poor performances (no offense to Mark Rylance but he's simply too dull and bland here), a script that is so overly melodramatic that it's unintentionally risible, and a story that is so obvious that all sense of mystery and intrigue is lost... Recommended to those who like to see insects mating in ways that they never thought were physically possible for insects to even do with hints of interspecies sexuality as well (That's human and insect sexuality... Yes, that's messed up, I know).

James D (fr) wrote: Fuck this movie! The only person that has entertainment value is Bela Lugosi!

Ravi N (es) wrote: Stoner Movie about Star Wars Fans who beat up Trekkies...! How can it not be fun!

Lynda L (de) wrote: One of my favorites!

Galvy F (ag) wrote: When we have nothing to lose but ourself. When we don't have nothing to lose but our car. When we don't have nothing to lose but our life. When we just cant seem to lose some people off our backs. When others don't have nothing to lose when they signed up for this. When others don't have nothing to lose when they already list everything, business and livlihood. When we lose our direction and the direction of those whom we are following, we stumnle upon someone whom gains us our collateral. When others don't have nothing to lose when they lost their mind, body and soul. When we don't have nothing to lose when we no money, or anything else. When we only got things to sell, or things to gain. When we can't afford to lose anything more, we don't take chances. When we have nothing to lose but our pets. When we lose our freedom and are caged. When losing is difficult enough, we let others take care until they return. When we rather give away to a good home then lose. When not all of humanity has lost their mind, body and soul. When we lose, we search, not knowing when we will return. When we don't want lose, and need help. When we don't see whats coming and what it would cost us, we lose it all in the end. When we take something, and others lose, we have a whole set of problems coming to us. When we need more information to gain a better understanding of the truth. When others depend on us, we don't mind losing when it doesn't matter to them. When we haven't lost everything, we make good of what we have.When we can't afford to be seen or taken in, we need to waste somebody. When we are a natural loser, and lose our head and gain an enemy. When we protect what we can't afford to lose, when its a bigger gain then lost. When others don't seem to want to gain anything but friendship. When we lost more than we bargained for when we are lost and gone inside. When we lost our past lufe, and gained a totally whole new one in the process. When we are gradually losing and gaining, and not capitalizing along the way, but we 3rd up to be OK. When the world, country and city is at a loss. When we don't mind losing someone that left us at a loss, when we gained a whole new thing. When we are losing our heart along the way. When we are losing touch with the real world, we can't tell the difference. When not all is at a loss, when we gained back our car. When we are gaining back more then our life, but our freedom. When we lose quickly what we had, the upper hand. When we lose everything and our family. When there was no hope saving, when we are constantly losing. When all we did was put someone at a small lose, that cost everyone their life and sanity. When all is done, and we lost everyone, includingnourselves, we don't prepare for the long journey back, when there is no back to go to. We are alone, and a loss to mankind. When all we wanted to do is bar our losses, but we are confronted by the vary thing that reminds us of our losses. When we having been feeling the effects of loss, that is already unbearable that we take it out on the world.Visuals-3Directing- 4Music-3.5Level of Interest-3Complexity-3Acting-5Timing-5Twist & Turns-3* Storyline well done, lack of visuals, but acting was out standing. Lack of interest, twists and turns and complexity that the story lacks.

Samiyah T (it) wrote: In Warm Bodies, director Jonathan Levine gives us Shakespeare in a world of a zombie apocalypse. This is not your traditional zombie movie. This is also not your traditional Shakespeare. So, if you are looking for long soliloquies in blank verse or gruesome blood-bathing cannibalism, this movie is not for you. Not that there isn't some casual brain eating or the internal dilemma of "to be, or not to be" a zombie, because there is. But for a movie that incorporates both, it is to be watched with expectation of neither for it to successfully work. Levine has taken elements of a Shakespearean tragedy and a horror film, and turned the genres on their heads-into a well-acted, light-hearted, witty comedy with a message. But where, you wonder, in this apocalyptic world of a brain-munching zombie falling in love with one of the last remaining humans is Shakespeare? There are the obvious nods at the bard from the director, like the names of R (Romeo), Julie (Juliet), M (Mercutio), Perry (Paris), and Nora (Nurse), and yes, the iconic "balcony scene," which is brilliantly done in the context of the movie. There are also the two warring entities, which the two characters are a part of, turned from Montague and Capulet to zombie and human, respectively. But Levine did not go through the trouble of incorporating Shakespeare into a zombie apocalypse for a few names and a girl standing on a balcony. Where Shakespeare really comes in is at the crux of what Romeo and Juliet is about, which is that life and love are synonymous. Juliet comes back from "death" for love, and Romeo dies because he cannot live without his love. In Warm Bodies, Levine is giving his viewers just that. At the heart (an image that is also repeated throughout) of the film is the very concept that love is the cure for death. Levine, very meticulously and ingeniously, presents to us the synonymy of life with love, and by doing so shows the complexity and multiplicity of Shakespeare, and why he is universal and timeless.